Monday, October 24, 2011

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 4

Vespas (and other fun prizes) One winner a day, ends 11-23
Disneyland and other prizes  25 Disneyland vacations, 1000 Target gift cards, and a crapload of coloring books to be won. Ends 12/31
Xbox  30 winners, ends 11/15
Cooking stuffs  420 prizes, ends 11/29

Zoya nailpolish 100 winners, ends 11/28
Cinemark gift card Ends 11/7, 36 winners
Benefit makeup 41 prizes, ends 11/11
I hope Ryan Gosling comes with this prize package ends 11/15
Beds! Ends 11/21, 25 winners
Lotso great prizes Ends 11/14, pick 5 prizes you want (pick carefully, some have better odds)
Tacky Vampire movies  Ends 10/27
Smart Car  Ends 10/28
The premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn  Ends 10/28. OMG.

photo: Mickey Mouse Club, duh. Look at baby Ryan! Awwww.

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