Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to: Make Your Own Magnetic Make-up Board

Things you will need:
Hot glue
Hot glue gun
Sheet metal (thinnest gauge available)
Frame (size of your choice)
Picture Hooks
* Sheet metal scissors aka Tin snips
* Ruler & Pencil
* Metal file


Step 1: If your sheet metal is too big for your frame, measure and cut to size using the INSIDE measurements of the frame. Remember, measure twice, cut once. If you have a  metal file, use it to smooth the sharp, newly cut sheet metal.

Step 2: Take your hot glue gun and drizzle glue all the way around the inside lip of the frame, and slide in your cut sheet metal. Once dry, decide if you want it to hang vertical or horizontal, and hammer in picture hooks accordingly. I personally like mine horizontal (that's what she said).

Now that the board is complete, the finished product should look something
like this (minus the dirty finger prints of course).

Step 4: Take your magnets, and glue them to the back of your makeup. If your make-up is bulky or heavy, glue two evenly spaced magnets on the back of the product. Let them dry and arrange however you would like, and voila !

 Last but not least, you may be saying to yourself, "Okay Charlotte, that's great for eyeshadow etc., but where the hell am I going to put my make-up brushes and pencils?" This is where I got extra crafty and made magnetic holders you will see in the above picture.

What you will need:
Spray Paint
Empty cans or bottles

Using empty Pediasure bottles, I cut the top off of them to get a shape that I liked, then I washed and dried them. Next, I spray painted one layer of gold spray paint and one layer of silver glitter spray paint onto the bottles. Once dry,  I hot glued two magnets, evenly space on the back of the container.

The only items I needed to buy were the items I didn't have already at home which were the frame, magnets, and sheet metal.

So how much did this all cost me?

Frame $12.49
Magnets $3.25
Sheet Metal $15.00
Total cost: Under $35

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