Friday, October 14, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Halloween Treats

Halloween kicks of the three months of holiday feasting - and chances are you're going to be invited to a party this Halloween, or maybe you've decided to throw a bash of your own. So now that you've got your costume all sorted out, the big question is what kinds of delicious Halloween treats will you be creating? I've dug up some frighteningly cute things to help you get the  party started.

Let's start with a few things to wet our whistles with some ideas to go with your party drinks!

Halloween Skull Ice Cube Tray - $3.99  FrightCatalog.Com
I love the idea of these floating around in a big ol' punch bowl! At only $3.99, you can afford to buy a few trays so you can make big batches of the ice before a party. They'll work for adult beverages or a batch of kid friendly punch. Although personally, you know I'm picturing them floating around in my dog Oliver's water bowl. Fright Catalog is also running a $500 shopping sweepstakes that doesn't end until June 2012 (you can enter once daily).

In My Veins Drink Dispenser - $21.99 FrightCatalog.Com
Can you feel my heart racing? This makes me giddy as a morbid little school girl! Again, this can work for either adults only or kid friendly. But just imagine how much fun this will be at a party! The IV tube can be clamped to control the flow of liquid being poured, and this bad boy hold about 33.8 ounces of liquid. It's for cold beverages only, so not hot toddies (sorry!) just your favorite room temp or chilled drinkypoos. And again, don't forget about the $500 daily entry sweepstakes on Fright Catalog! There is also free shipping for orders over $100, so if you're planning a big Halloween bash, now may be the time to stock up!

Blood Drips Drink Parasols - $2.29 Shop Bakers Nook.Com
What drink is complete without a little flair? These blood spattered parasols are the perfect way to top off your Halloween cocktails. Shop Bakers Nook has them in packs of 12 for only $2.29. The site has tons of cute Halloween party favors, baking supplies and decorations. Actually, they have a ton of stuff for all occasions! 

No Halloween party is complete without something sweet, and my favorite sweet party treats are cupcakes. I'm really excited about the wide variety of cupcake liners and wraps available now, including all the Halloween themed designs.

Halloween Baking Cups - $1.45 to $9.99  CandylandCrafts.Com
Candyland Crafts has a really great selection of Halloween cupcake liners. So many, in fact, that I couldn't narrow it down to one. I had to include the whole page! The one pictured on the right is probably the most fun for a Halloween party. Although I remain completely obsessed with the black rose design they have available. They've got them in paper, foil and silicone in a different designs (solid colors, cute, spooky, fancy) - and there are also a few fancy wraps and pick decorations to choose from. The paper and foil liners/wraps are all about $3.99 and under. The silicone cups are available in solid colors and are $9.99.

Spider Cupcake Holders (Set of 6) - $9.95 Crate & Barrel.Com
Now that you've got your cupcakes dressed in their finest liners, you need a spooky way to display them. Crate & Barrel has these Spider Cupcake Holders available in the set of 6 or sold separately ($1.95 each).  These are the only spiders I'd invite to my Halloween party. They can do more than hold cupcakes too, these creepy little critters can also hold candy cups, act as coasters or be placecard holders (and would make really cute party favors for your guests). 

Skeleton Bones Cupcake Topper Candy Mold - $1.99 Shop Bakers 
I originally found this Skeleton Candy Mold on Wilton's site, but they've since sold out! I was able to find them at Shop Bakers Nook for the same price, so crisis averted! You can get fancy at make this grave digger cupcake on the right, or use the candy bones on their own as a fun edible party favor. The mold has a total of 20 cavities and features 6 different bones.

Happy Snacking Haunting!

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