Friday, October 28, 2011

Lewd, Tattooed, and Interviewed...

Hey guys, we recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by our friend Kelly from Beauty Obsessed ! It is our first interview and we had a lot of fun with the questions. Head on over to her blog, and read what she has to say! And if you are here visiting from Beauty Obsessed, Welcome! Kick your shoes off (unless you have a serious case of cheese feet), and stay a while! 



Interview with Charlotte, Heather, Vanessa and Rita from Whoreders

Four ladies on the cutting edge of cutting corners

1. Mini Bio?

 Heather: Don't let the baby face trick you, she's a mean, sweepin', frugal machine.

Charlotte: A crazy couponing mom you would not want to approach at the playground.

Vanessa: Pinata princess and her little dog too(!), trying to remain fierce, yet, fiscally responsible. 

Rita: My name is Rita. Collecting glorious old things and creating on a dime is what I do. Sometimes it's really good and sometimes it's really bad. But it's all about the fun on the journey, right?

2. Your blog is written by four girls, what are some pros & cons of writing this blog together?

We're all busy with work and home life, and Rita lives on the East coast, so it has been a little bit of a challenge coming together and finalizing what direction we want to go in and organizing blog posts. Finding time To get everything done is sometimes difficult too; our laptops are getting quite comfortable snuggling with us in bed late at night. But, a major pro is that with four different points of view, you’ve always got someone to bounce ideas off of. It’s helpful to have some feedback when you’re brainstorming

3. Where can we find you girls?

Heather: Rita has her jewelry company and does photography, Charlotte is busy chasing a toddler, Vanessa is busy chasing a dog, and I’m busy walking like an angry baby.

Charlotte: You can find me chasing my daughter and soothing my paper cuts from all my couponing.

 Vanessa: When I'm not chasing Oliver, I'm either blogging ( or having imaginary cocktail parties. (The cocktails are real, but after a few, the guests are imaginary.) 

4. You all obviously have a love for blogging & beauty, but have your own opinions and thoughts, what are your favorite posts to write about?

Heather: I love writing about great sweepstakes I find - I'm all about winning fun and exciting things I won't buy myself and I'd love to see my friends win too!

Charlotte: My favorite posts are about trends on a budget. I like to pretend I’m edgy and hip while still being frugal.

Vanessa: Beauty is probably my favorite topic, I love trying new products and finding my next must-have medicine cabinet product. I'm finally admitting I'm secretly bossy, and like nudging people into trying new things too.

 Rita: I’m probably the most amateur saver/sweeper of the bunch. It was only this weekend that I think I got my first real coupon deal (Skinny Vanilla Latte coffee creamer for less than 30 cents each I think? mmm). Although, doing everything on the dime has always been a theme of my life, I’m generally more into crafting, shopping, and decorating. And eating. Eating is fun too. This is what I write about.

5. What are a few tips you can give us on using coupons and finding bargains while shopping?

The best tip to get anyone started, from the casual couponer to the extreme saver is to prepare before going out to shop. Whether you’re grocery shopping or looking for a big ticket item, find the best deals by reading through coupon and savings websites that post coupon matchups and good prices at all the local stores. You can plan your shopping accordingly. Impulse shopping will wreck your budget, make sure to match up your coupons and deals before you get into the store. It saves times and cuts down impulse shopping! Even with a short amount of preparation, you’d be surprised at how easy bargain hunting is, and at the deals you can score.

6. What is your favorite part of blogging?

Heather: It's a good creative outlet for me - not only do I get to help friends, but it makes me think of other ways to save money, including arts and crafts projects. I see a lot of scarves, jam, and homemade lip gloss in everyone's future.

Charlotte: It gives me fun and productive “Me” time, when most of my time is usually spent taking care of my messy children (toddler, husband, and dog). 

Vanessa: I love writing, and have my own blog but writing with my Whoreder girls is a fun way to write about something new to me (savings) and share my love of crafting with three amazing chicks (and the Internet).

7. What inspired you girls to come together and start a blog and how long have you been blogging for?

We have had a private Facebook page for a while now, with a small group of girls sharing deals, contests, and savings tips. We realized that it was not only fun, it was extremely helpful and we wanted to get more people involved.

8. Whats your take on Sponsored Reviews?

We don’t have an issue as long as a company is okay with bloggers being honest about their reviews, it doesn't do anyone any good to sugar coat something simply because you're being paid or compensated in some other way to review a product. Bloggers lose their credibility and readers are deceived. Word spreads so quickly now, bad reviews will catch up to a company/product and can end up hurting them in the end. An honest opinion is much more valuable to everyone, we’ve never felt pressured to say something untrue or insincere, we’re all for honest reviews by honest people.

9. You're all at the mall together & split up to each go on your own way, what stores would we find you each in?

Heather: If there's a Target in the mall you'll probably find me there, sifting through clearance, looking for pots of gold.

Charlotte: I don’t think we would split up, I’m pretty sure we would all mob Target like wolves. If I wandered away anywhere, you could probably find me in the food court. Ha.

Vanessa: I'll probably hit Target too, unless there's a Sephora nearby! But I'd probably run back to Target for a popcorn combo. 

Rita: I’d probably stalk, err, follow Heather to the closest strip mall and head to Target. My first stop would the cheap goodies when you first walk in. I mean, how can one pass up glitter covered pumpkins for one dollar? Then, I would scope out the clearance food items. “Clearance” and “food” are probably two words that shouldn’t be used together but not at Target. I have found some interesting stuff that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Who doesn’t need a good monkey bread mix or six pack of Ginger Beer now and then? Afterwards maybe I’d go to Forever 21 and stock up on $6 patterned tights. I hate to say this but they usually last me longer than the delicate expensive ones.

10. Where do you want to see your blog 6 months to a year from now?

We'll be huge. You should get in on the action now, while we're still nobodies.

11. What are a few blogs you've been reading lately?

Vanessa: - Marie is a good friend, she also happens to be one of the funniest ladies I know and her blog is awesome. Also on my regular reading list are: The Hairpin, Rookie Mag, and This Frugal Life.

Charlotte: This Frugal Life, Krazy Klippin Coupon Lady, Totally Target

Note from Beauty Obsessed: Thanks ladies for taking the time out to do this interview, you guys are hilarious which shows through your blog. I'm looking forward to reading future posts from your blog :)


  1. You all sound like a fun group!! Great interview!

  2. Thank you very much! It was a lot of fun to do! We are glad you visited, kick of your shoes and stay a while!