who we are

Hello, my name is Charlotte, and I am a Whoreder. Instead of beer runs to steal beer, I now use coupons and get discounted beer. Instead of requesting free condoms from companies, I now request free diapers. Welcome to my life as a 26 year old mother of a toddler. I have a HUGE personality, and by personality, I mean boobs. I laugh a lot, and I like to have fun. Couponing, saving money, and being cheap are my new hobbies. I will teach you my ways and be your deal guru, if you let me. SO LET ME. 
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My name is Heather and I'm the sweeper in the gang. No, I will not come clean your house, you dirty hobos. I like sweepstakes. And lots of them. You see... I'm cheap. Money is amazing and evil at the same time and I like to whored as much of it as I can since I never have enough. I rarely treat myself to fun, exciting, and girly things unless I sell something first. Until I met charming and attractive Sweepstakes, that is. Now I enter to win all the things I hunger for that my dirty thrift-store personality says no to. Hooray for free! 
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My name is Vanessa, and I am a Whoreder. As a lady of a certain age with no human children (I prefer the four legged kind), I find myself free to roam my favorite health & beauty aisles searching for bargains. When not out shopping for potions and the perfect black eyeliner, I write a blog called Verbal Switchblade. I live for high-end brands, but I will never give up hunting for those drugstore deals. Retail therapy is my superpower, I am forever on the prowl for that perfect something to add to my ever-growing collections of  shoes, purses and black cardigans. There is no problem in life so huge, a new pair of leather ballet flats can't fix. The deals I covet keep me and my faithful companion, Oliver, in the lap of luxury and on the cutting edge. My bag of tricks is open, wanna take a peek inside... Have any questions for me? email me at vanessa [at] verbalswitchblade.com.
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My name is Rita and I am a (semi) recovered hoarder. I'm the girl known for taking the things that you don't want. In the past, I've happily been given a toy piano by a man in daisy dukes at a flea market, a mint green velvet sofa from a neighbor, and even a live bird in a cage after it's owner died. A collector of everything, my apartment has been likened to both a museum and a five and dime store. But, that’s the old me! Living in a small apartment with my bespectacled beau Casey and a three pound baby (err, toy poodle), it’s just not practical to have a growing stack of old suitcases in the living room or a cabinet of curiosities taking over the bathroom anymore. So, my new goal is to have less things but nicer things and to save money and find bargains while getting there. When I’m not working at my marketing job in NYC by day, I can be found making jewelry, experimenting in the kitchen, googling promo codes, locating happy hour deals on my iPhone, and looking for the cheapest bang trim around. Join me on my whoreding adventure!
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