Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Painted Ladies

The countdown to Halloween is on, have you decided on a costume yet? If so, I may have dug up some goodies that will help you put the finishing touches on your disguise. If not, maybe this post will give you a little inspiration and guide you to towards the perfect Halloween getup. Grab your trick or treat bags, kids, and let's get shopping!

Cheetah Temporary Lip Tattoo - $14.95 Violent
I've been curious about Violent Lips for months, what better time to try them out? Violent Lips has a crazy variety of designs - animal prints, solids, glitter, and national flags! There are videos with application tutorials on the site, so you can get a lesson before you pucker up. The lip tattoos are temporary, and will last about 4 to 8 hours, the perfect party pout window! Violent Lips offers free shipping on orders over $30, and yes, there is a sale section.

 Tarte for True Blood LipSurgence Lip Tint (Limited Edition) - $24
I'm a big fan of Tarte lip tints, my favorite shade is called Moody and I am never found without it. Tarte rolled out this limited edition color inspired by HBOs' True Blood, it's a great shade of red with a minty flavor. The LipSurgence formula keeps your lips hydrated and gives them a slight plumped up look. $24 may seem a bit steep for a lip tint, but Tarte's products are high quality and do last a long time - your lips will be Tarted up well past Halloween!

Paperself Paper Faux Lashes - $17 - $19
I am dying to try these myself, and I'll be honest, I would rock these all year round, not just for Halloween. Paperself has created lash designs based on Chinese paper cutting, Sephora currently has six different sets to choose from: Peacock, Deer & Butterfly, Peach Blossom (small or large) and Under the Sea (small or large). Each style has its own meaning, and you can read about them all by clicking on the link. As always, Sephora offers free shipping for orders over $50 and you can get a little cash back by buying through Ebates!

NYX Special Effects Lashes (Red Fox) - $9.99
If paper lashes aren't your thing, try these Red Fox lashes from NYX, only $9.99 at Ulta. NYX actually has quite a few dramatic lashes to chose from, these just happened to be my favorite. They're all $9.99, and if you can't decide on just one, you're in luck! Ulta has a few coupons available on their site: $3.50 off any $10 purchase (available online or in stores), $5 off any $10 online purchase (use code 66559 at checkout) and $10 of any $60 online purchase (use code 11410).

NYX Glitter on the Go (Available in 12 assorted colors) - $5.49
I'm a firm believer that whatever you dress up as for Halloween, glitter makes it even better. Priced at only $5.49, NYX Glitter on the Go is a glamor on a budget! Ulta has 12 different colors to choose from, they're all available in loose powder so you can go wild with sparkly goodness. NYX Glitter can be used on your face, body or hair and is formulated to be non-irritating. And don't forget those Ulta coupons!

Make Up Forever Strass Crystals in (Sephora Exclusive) - $20
Looking for something glittery, but more extreme? I gotcha covered. Make Up Forever's Strass is available in 13 different colors and is a Sephora exclusive. They're round crystals that can be used all over your face to add drama and a jeweled effect. You can use them in place of eyeliner or create a design on your face, go nuts!

HiP Studio Secrets Professional Bright Shadow Duos - $7.99 Drug/Discount Stores
L'Oreal makes 10 different high pigment shadow duos, I like using them for pops of color but Halloween is a great excuse to go a little wild with these super bright colors. They're about $8 at most locations (CVS, Rite-Aid, Target, etc.) and you can probably score a great deal with coupons and in-store deals. The colors are fun to play around with, and if you're feeling brave.

Pure Pigments by Make Up Forever at Sephora - $19
If you're looking for some really intense color, try Pure Pigments by Make Up Forever. Unlike the L'Oreal Studio Secrets, the Pure Pigments are sold as loose powder, and can be used on the eyes or lips. For eyes, you can either use dry on the lids for some serious shadow or apply with a wet brush and use it as an eyeliner. If you'd rather focus the color on your lips, mix the powders with clear gloss and you can create your own shades of lip color.

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