Friday, October 28, 2011

Get Nailed: By the Dead

Get nailed by the dead? Whoreders say what??? No I'm not talking about necrophilia you pervs, I'm talking about Obituary Newspaper nails, duh! So now you're probably even more confused which perhaps means that you are eagerly reading to find an answer to what all this cray cray-ness is about.
Well, I'll tell you, it's about this awesomeness!

Now how did i do this magnificenceness?



What you will need:

Clear base coat
Pastel Polish
Clear top coat
Rubbing Alcohol
A little cup or shot glass
10 small strips of newspaper
How to do it:

1. As always, start with clean nails and apply a clear base coat.

2. Next, pour rubbing alcohol in your cup, enough to dip your entire fingertip in.
3. Then apply two layers of your pastel polish. I used O.P.I Italian Love Affair. Make sure to let your nails dry COMPLETELY before the next step.
4. Once dry, dip your fingertip in the rubbing alcohol and cover wet nail with newspaper. (Most places say hold firmly for thirty seconds, however, when I waited that long, the paper seemed to stick to the nail. I only held it down for 15-20 seconds and it worked just fine.) Slowly peel off newspaper. Repeat on all other fingers.

5. Next, apply your clear top coat to get that glossiness.
6. Lastly, cleanup any newspaper print and nail polish mess with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover and voila!
Your finished product should look something like this!
I used the obituary pages from the newspaper for my print because it is just creepy enough for Halloween. It's a lot of fun to walk around with cutesy pink nail polish that has words like passed away, body, died, and memorial. So go forth and paint, and Happy Halloween Witches!


  1. This is amazing, such a different idea. I had heard of this before but never knew how to do it. This was clear and easy to follow so will be trying this soon :)

    I just came across your blog via your interview with Kelly (which was great BTW)

    Becky @

  2. Thank you so much! I found a picture on pinterest a while back, and finally found out how to do it! I figured if I have been looking for easy instructions, someone else is too!

    Thank you for reading our interview, Kelly is awesome!

    You're welcome to stay!