Friday, October 7, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Hallow-Bling

Halloween season is in full effect! I know Target has had Halloween decorations out for weeks, but I don't officially recognize Halloween season until after October 1st. So if you or someone you love is a Halloweener, I've got a list of goodies here that's sure to tickle their spooky pickle. Pretty sparkly things with a sinister flair, Hallow-Bling!

Day of the Dead Earring Pack - $16 at FredFlare.Com
This adorable set of earrlings comes in a set of six different designs just in time for both Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. It features three skull designs, two flowers and one heart shaped pair. Just the right combination of spooky and cute, just like the Whoreders!

Betsey Johnson Red Lips & Fang Ring - $35 at Macy's
I love this ring, and I want someone to propose marriage to me with it (hint, hint Ryan Gosling). I love Betsey Johnson designs, they're always cute but with a fun twist that keeps them edgy and awesome. While you're shopping for this one, don't forget about Macy's $1,000 Giveaway!

Haunted Tree Classic Silhouette Necklace - $63-$77 at Classic Hardware.Com
Classic Hardware has a huge variety of fabulous items, this Haunted Tree necklace is part of their Framed Art Necklaces line, and the price varies depending on the chain you select. They've also got some super cute retro designs and a sale section that changes regularly, so check it out!

Silhouette Victorian Oval 5 Ling Bracelet - $68 at Classic
Since you're already feasting your eyes on the necklace, why not take a quick peek at the matching bracelet? There's an entire Victorian Frames collection available,  join me in staring wistfully at them.

With a name like Strange & Lovely, you know you've arrived at the perfect spot for some delightfully eerie pieces to add to your collection. If you're looking for delicate and sophisticated Hallow-Bling, look no further! 

So if the whole engagement fang ring doesn't work out for me, this one is a close second. The poison apple locket is two-sided - black crystal and gold skull on one side, shiny red apple on the other. It opens to reveal a banner with the Queen's infamous line, "Make a wish and take a bite." I checked the Disney website, and they're only offering the solid version in gold.

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