Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everyday is Halloween

No, really. Everyday IS Halloween for me. I lose count when I try to put a number to the amount of skulls decorating my apartment. An antique silver "At Rest" plaque hangs above my bed. I have lots of Victorian photographs of strangers which amateurs tell me are "creepy". I own atleast 3 dresses that could be worn in a high school production of Chicago. I have collected so many corsets that more than one person I work with came to me to borrow one when they were putting their Halloween costumes together this year. And I'll admit, I have one or two pieces of (very tasteful) bat jewelry.

I'm not bragging. This isn't always a good thing. I'm sure more than a few times, people (including my loving boyfriend) have doubted my mental and emotional stability (which is fine, I promise) and don't even get me started about my problem with buying things that I don't need (I'm working on that). With this in mind though, it's a little strange that when Halloween comes around, I'm really not into any costume that is too elaborate, too sexy, uncomfortable in anyway, in a box, or outright expensive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blind to the sugary appeal of the little sailor and pastel Marie Antoinette costumes at Ricky's. Nor am I numb to the visceral delight that can be had dressing up in full zombie makeup. It's just Maybe it's the shy, awkward teenager that still lives inside me (love you, girl). Maybe I'm just cheap or lazy. Whatever the case, this year with stuff I already had crammed in my closet, a trip to the dollar store for poster board and fake flowers, and one torrid night with a hot glue gun making a flora and fauna headpiece, I came up with a costume that was comfortable, cheap, cute and *just* festive enough to pass as a somewhat legit costume at a pre-Halloween party on Friday eve.

Behold: Zooey Deerschanel. If you know me, you know about my questionable obsession with deer and who doesn't love Zooey D? What do you think - is this costume fab or fail?

Bonus Whoreders tip: My bird print dress is from the awesome asos and it just happens to be on sale right now for only $26 with free shipping!


  1. All fab, No fail! I love this costume! It's too cute!!!!!!

  2. so cute! and i love the headpiece! it's always nice when people put some d.i.y. effort into halloween costumes. FAB!!