Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things You Didn't Know You Wanted: Medical Edition

A friend once told me that I've been to every website on the internet - twice. I took this as a compliment and even though it's far from the truth, I have been to ALOT of websites - many which have made me aware of things I didn't know existed and probably didn't need to know existed. From cute finds with animals that defy explanation (like this and this) to the much darker, disturbing side of the internets (I'll spare you those links. happy thoughts, people), it's a mixed bag of pleasure and pain this internet life of mine. I guess now is a good time to admit that medical supply websites are among the copious websites that I've had no right spending time on, but I definitely have. That's right, the same sites that sell pricey pink speculums and bed pans, is where I have found inspiration. C' mon, I've never claimed to be completely normal. Keeping that in mind, here are a few of my sweet, sweet finds:

Set of 5 Sundry Jars, QuickMedical $19.69
I was a little disappointed on a past doctor visit when I didn't see these ubiquitous fixtures displayed but I'm hoping doctor offices still use them because they are pretty darn cool. An entire set of five is under $20 and would be perfect for storing cotton balls and q-tips (or tongue depressors, if that's what you're into) in the bathroom. They also come in opaque white or fancy glass versions.

Mobile Instrument Stand, Quick Medical $98.99
You'd think from the way I want to make every decent surface into a bar, I must be a total lush. While I do enjoy a good whiskey sour or generous Real Housewives style glass of Pinot Grigio, I assure you that this isn't true. But really, how awesome would this rolling instrument cart be as a mini bar? It takes up very little space and has just enough room for a few tasty spirits and some cool glassware. 

Lumbar Vertebra Coffee Mug, Anatomical.com $9.31
I don't think I need to explain why this tchotchke is amazing. It's a ceramic mug with a vertebra as the handle and is less than $10. It also comes in human tooth and pregnant torso styles. Collect the whole set! You know you want to.

Leather Medical Bag, Mohawk Medical Mall $95.99
An authentic doctor's bag they may be one of the most interesting, classic options for a handbag out there. While they cost a pretty penny, they are made incredibly well in rich leather and would probably outlive any $1,000+ Louis Vuittion on the block. Plus, what other handbag comes equipped with a lock and key and sweet brass plate that can easily be engraved with your initials or nickname?  

Bonus eye candy: Dreamy Anthony Hopkins as surgeon Sir Frederick Treves
 in The Elephant Man. Be still my morbid little heart. 

Top Photo: From W. Eugene Smith's Photographs of a Country Doctor


  1. I have the tooth and pregnant torso mugs! The preggers mug makes everyone uncomfortable.
    And I've been wanting medical stand for a few years now! I saw them used in a fancy vintage furniture store as tall coffee/side tables. Also, that poodle video scuurrres me.

  2. The rolling stand as a bar is brilliant!

  3. Yay!! I do seriously want all these things.

    Pregnant mugs=good. exercising poodles=bad.