Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring (Shoe) Fever

OMG shoes.

There are a few things that Spring gets me thinking about: new dresses, Cadbury eggs, The Rite of Spring (seriously, that's my jam), getting outside more, drinking more iced coffee, and this I may have mentioned this before, but I'm not a really a shoe person..or am I? I usually find a pair or two that I like and (unlike clothing) I wear them in rotation until they are beyond weathered and the soles start to fall off. Anyone else do this? For some reason though, this Spring I have been really thinking about new shoe styles that I want to try out during this renewed vernal season. I even had an embarrassing Carrie Bradshaw moment that consisted of stopping and peering into a storefront window on Broadway one day to peep the consumer eye candy. I blame the media! I mean really, who the bloody hell am I? While I can't answer that, I can show you what I have narrowed down to be three essential pairs of shoes for Spring that I want to eventually get my grubby paws on - both high and lower versions (of course!).

The Everyday Platform
Left: Steve Madden, $89 Right: Forever 21, $26.80

For a very long time, my everyday Spring and Summer shoe was black Old Navy flip flops. I'm not hatin', I still love the cheap little things but the older get, the less I turn to them. Ever since I splurged on my first pair of chunky (and very comfortable) Steve Madden black platforms last year, I have been a wee obsessed in pondering my next pair. I wear them with everything and while I'm still not fully decided on where to go next in the platform world (it's hit or miss for me), I do like this classic brown buckled style (which also comes in gold, whaaat). The F21 pair also comes in black, which is very tempting. For a new comfy everyday pair though, what I really want is a pair of Kork-Ease, which are supposed to be just like heaven (good song) on the feet, but this purchase would depend on my tax return, which isn't looking too generous at the moment so I might go for these lookalikes. Oh well, can't win them all!

The Date Night Shoes
Left: Seychelles, $110 Left: Chelsea Crew, $64.95

Have you ever perused the online shoe section of Anthropologie? Unless you are rich or slightly masochistic, it's not very fun. There are lots of quirky, vintage-inspired shoes and they are all pretty pricey (I'm looking at you, super adorbs yellow peep-toe $398 wedges). These are what I'm going to annoyingly call "date night shoes" -  something a little different that you are not going to wear very often most likely so spending a lot of money on them isn't the best idea. I want a pair of "date shoes" this year. There, I said it. The good thing is, Anthro swaps are out there so using their tableau for inspiration can be rewarding indeed. I'd wear these blue wedges out to dinner or to the movies, somewhere there isn't going to be too much walking (being car-less in NYC can do a number on your feet if you are not careful!). I also really love them in yellow. Want more swaps you say? OK! Lacy laser cut wedges? Here you go! Crazy Ikat print? Here. An unpredictable pair of sunny yellow oxfords? Yep

The Outdoor Concert/Errands/Thrifting/
Food Shopping/Taking out the Dog Flats
Left: J.Crew, $138 Right: Lulu's, $24

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm not going to wear the aforementioned flip flops or my ratty pair of converse sneakers from college (with the TCB logo that my friend drew on with a ballpoint pen) for many of these things. There are, however, more fabulous options out there! The right pair of flats can elevate any outfit. I want a pair of these but if navy and white nautical stripes are not your thing, try polka dots, sweet floral, a bright green, or classic black and white stripes. A personal favorite are my leopard print flats. My mom's motto is that "leopard is a neutral" (yes, she has really said that) and I tend to agree. Check out this swap for the overpriced J.Crew pair. Yea, yea, I know the J.Crew pair is made of calf hair, but is that really a selling point?

That's all I've got. Now, my next move is to actually decide on my first shoe purchase for Spring. What are your picks for Spring? Lusting after any new styles that you want to try? Tell me here or on our Facebook! Us Whoreders love feedback.

Oh yes, and Happy Spring ya'll!

Top Image: Liam Sullivan's Kelly.


  1. <3 <3 <3 !!!
    I love spring and I looooove shoes, so I am in heaven right now. I'm not gonna lie, those Seychelles might be calling my name...

  2. You're not alone, Rita. I need some new date night shoes, too! I'm thinking wedges

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  4. Vanessa, I have one pair of Seychelles and they are made really well! I tried on the cheaper version of the blue shoes in a store last week and they were pretty comfy although I wouldn't want to walk forever in them. Google Chelsea Crew brand shoes, you will like alot of them!

    Heather, get a new pair of date shoes. This is a command.

    Ok, I am done being a bad influence now.