Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mad Men Inspired Home & Office Decor

This week is Mad Men week. The 2 hour season premiere is this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC. I've been sitting here doing my research on all things Mad Men and all things 60's so I won't be as mercilessly mocked by my fellow Whoreders for not knowing what the hell they are talking about.

In my new found opinion, you can't really go wrong with 60's inspired anything. Everything was amazing from their clothes, to their makeup, to their drinks. My new obsession however, is 60's decor!

Here are a few of my finds for a Mad Men inspired office.

Typewriter $49 - This one is so much cooler than the one I had growing up. Mine was 500 million pounds and approximately 40 ft by 80 ft, no exaggeration.

Starburst Wall Clock $63- I've always wanted one of these, and now that I've found one at a decent price, I may go out and get it.

Table Lamp $50- This is a fun lamp that is "60's Now". It may not be authentic, but it is still cute!

Wall Stencils $48- I got my inspiration for this from a girlfriend who recently stenciled a wall in her house. It saved her tons of money on wallpaper and gave the room a whole new vibe. It takes a lot of patience, but is well worth it in the end.

Rotary Phone $50- My parents had the most awesome rotary phones growing up in black, white, and ivory. but never any in fun colors like this one. Sometimes I want one just to prove they existed, let's just hope I never have to call 9-1-1 in a hurry...

Office Desk $190- This desk seems a little pricey compared to my other finds but a simple desk is an essential staple for a 1960's office. Similar desks go for $1,000 and up so I think this one is a steal.

Here are some of my finds for Mad Men inspired home decor.

Swag Lamp $72.50- The lady I used to carpool with in middle school used to have a lamp exactly like this. In fact, her entire house was straight fro the 60's, from the green shag carpet, to the flower patterned couch, to the musty old smell all throughout the house...

Aluminum Wall Decor $32/2- These are fun and cute. I'm sure you can find some at a local estate or garage sale for cheaper but this isn't a bad price point either.
Sunburst Mirror $20- I love this mirror, as a matter of fact, I have this mirror and I was hell bent on working it into this post. It's cheap, lightweight, sturdy, and fun. Go buy it now.

Throw Pillow $35- This pillow is so dang cute! The pattern is super 60's and would accent almost any solid color couch perfectly.

Table $86- This fun table is very mod. Its simple with clean lines but functional. I've seen it at price points over $150 so $86 is a steal!

Top photo: Mad Men on AMC


  1. Ooh, I am really feeling that desk! With the phone, and the typewriter... and the phone, and the stencils.

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