Monday, March 26, 2012

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 26


Notebooks and headphones over a thousand winners, ends 4/30

New Balance Athletic shoes 50 winners, ends 4/15


Sample of Clarins Extra-Firming day cream 1,000s of weekly winners, ends 4/10

Rockport shoes a winner a day for 365 days, ends 6/1. Rules make it sound like a single entry, but may be daily? THISONECONFUSESME.

Clarisonic 3 winners, ends 4/2

Case of Ben & Jerry's ice cream 10 winners, ends 4/9, do not subscribe. Nom Nom Nom.

Ravioli I like pasta. 5,000 winners, ends 4/20

Sleep for 6 months and get paid $5000 to blog about it. Ends 4/27

Metal jousting outfit Yes... I went there. Ends 4/15

Photo: A Knight's Tale, Sony Pictures


  1. when jon gets tired, he gets a wicked lazy eye like that actor on the right lol

  2. How dare you, Rufus Sewell is the dreamiest wonky eyed man around!

    Is it strange that I'm super excited about the suit of armor?

    1. I hope you win it so that we can have a fabulous photo shoot. I'll be Heath.