Friday, March 2, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Graphic Artist

Spring is just around the corner, so for this week's edition of Cheap Thrills let's look ahead at some spring trends. We're going to do things a little differently this time, we'll look at some high end options and their more budget friendly counterparts.

Bright colors are an obvious spring trend, the weather starts to warm up and suddenly we're drawn to bold colors and big pops of color. But this spring we'll also see lots of graphic prints, in the form of abstract florals, modern geometric designs, and bold prints and patterns. These pattens don't have to be limited to your clothes, you can jump into the trend by looking for accessories with these fun patterns. It's an easy way to incorporate seasonal trends into your regular wardrobe. No need to spend big bucks to rock the latest style.


Ray-Ban Printed Wayfarer - Nordstrom, $160
Ray-Ban sunglasses are classics and they never seem to go out of style... they also have a hefty price tag. This new style features a cool geometric print,  perfect for the spring trend! However, is plunking down over $150 for a pair of sunglasses you might not wear past summer a smart idea? Probably not. Don't despair! I've been on the hunt and dug up some cheaper alternatives. UrbanOG has these Sprouting Spring Sunglasses available in six different designs for only $10.90. Sunglass Warehouse has Checkered Wayfarers for $14.95, available in a few colors. These Map Print glasses from Bleu Dame are kind of awesome and only $9.80! Go a little abstract with a pair from Urban Outfitters for only $14.

Vera Wang "Cosma" Retro Sunglasses - Nordstrom, $150
I've actually tried on these Vera Wang glasses, and they're super cute. But that $150 price isn't cute at all! You know what I'm going to say, I found bargain alternatives for you, of course. Go Jane has Design Style Sunglasses for only $4.40. You read that correctly, less than five dollars! Two of the colors available closely resemble the Vera Wang shades, multi-color and purple.

Prada "Postcards" Sunglasses - Prada, $225
I'm a little obsessed with Prada sunglasses, and the Postcards are really working their magic on me. But I can't justify over $200 for the color blocked style that's perfect for the spring trend. So what's a girl to do? Make her way to ASOS for these Color Block Sunglasses for only $17.01! Go Jane has a more streamline version with these Color Block Design Sunglasses for $5.20. You can try out the chunkier frame style with these $8.99 Blues Brothers glasses from Sears.


You can easily find cute floral print bags that are inspired by this DVF number. I love a good bag, and don't mind spending money on it, but $285 is a lot for something that might not carry you through a few seasons. Etsy is a great place to look for less expensive, trendy pieces - plus many of the items you find might be one-of-a-kind, so you'll have a unique addition to your collection. This floral handbag by Cinnamons is hitting those trendy spring notes I've been talking about, for only $17. You can go darker with this Bueno Floral Shoulder bag from Target, also under $20.

Pour la Victoire "Milano" Medium Tote - Nordstrom, $495
I had to step away from the computer for a second, because I really love this bag but could not handle the nearly $500 price tag. Whew! Okay, gimme a moment... alright, I'm good. I know there are ways to get the feeling of this bag without forking over that much money. Let's go to Etsy, where I found this Reversible Tote for $26 (two designs for the price of one!). JC Penney has the Camila Tote  by Nicole Miller, with a black & white graphic print for $45. I really like this Volcom bag from Zappo's, I'm considering treating myself to an early birthday present. Because this look isn't quite as crazy and you can keep it in your wardrobe rotation longer, you might be willing to invest a little more money in something that will last longer. If that's the case, consider the Melie Bianco Riki bag at Piperlime, for $90.

Yves Saint Laurent Roady Large Poppy Hobo - Neiman Marcus, $1495
Do not adjust your eyes, you read that price correctly. I just saw this  bag in person, and it is exquisite. But that price is excruciating, right? It's okay, I got you covered. Remember earlier, when I said Etsy is where you can strike gold for this kind of thing? I found tons of poppy printed bags, like this Pleated Hobo from Joanna1966 for $35. You can also work this trend with a more casual look, like this Red Poppies canvas tote from eleventyfive. Ebay can also be a good source for trendy finds, like this yellow and red poppy bag for only $19.90. The same seller also has this poppy checkbook cover for only $10, if you're only looking for a small touch of a bold floral pattern. And sometimes you'll find items where you least expect them - like when  you're searching for a particular book and wind up finding Miss Kim's poppy tote at Barnes & Noble.

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Pretty Nylon" Tote - Nordstrom, $198
Let's wrap things up with one of my favorite things, big ol' totes! Perfect for using as a gym bag, for your crafts, lugging around big stacks of books, or as an overnight bag. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is cool, but that $198 price tag isn't. With just a few clicks of our mouse, we can come up with some more reasonably priced options. Target (my home away from home, when I'm not at Sephora) has two totes from Xhilaration that will give you the same feel as the Marc Jacobs tote. One in green neon, and one in orange neon, each just $17.99! The Retro Fabric Tote from eCrater is only $14.99, a little more retro than the current trend but still totally cute. Wayfair has this J World Thomas messenger bag available for $25.95, I love roomy laptop bags that can double as an oversized everyday bag. Got a case of Bieber fever? Now you can show it to the world while remaining on trend with the Justin Bieber neon tote bag!

There we are, my trendy little Whoreders! Even if you're uber goth like me, and can't imagine a day not dressed in black, you can get into the spring trends with touches of bright color and bold patterns with accessories like these. A little pop of color is all you need, and you don't have to spend much to do it. Get into the trends and stay on budget by taking your inspiration from designer pieces and seeking out more realistic prices. See you next time, everyone!

Graphic background design by Sean Ohlenkamp


  1. Ooo I really like the Volcom bag too!

    1. I knew at least one of my gothic pals would like it too!

    2. Thanks so much for linking to one of my bags! :) Maria

    3. Gladly! We all really love finding unique goodies from Etsy. It's such a great way to not only support independent sellers, but find super cute one-of-a-kind pieces!