Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Coupons, Discounts, and Offers

BeechNut- Sign up for e-mails and the company will send you helpful tips, tricks, and information along with coupons.

Earth's Best- Go here to print coupon without having to sign up for e-mails or you can also sign up for their e-mail program.

Enfamil- They have many offers including coupons, and the Enfamil Family Beginnings program. They often send you monthly packs of coupons for $5/1 container of formula. These savings add up fast.

Gerber- Create an account with Gerber Baby and receive coupons, information, pamphlets, special offers, and information tailored specifically to you.

Huggies- They advertise their coupons and special offers on their website. You can also contact the company and request coupons. Recently, they sent me a pack of $1/1 coupons in addition to 2 $5/1 coupons along with a "Thank You Valuable Customer" letter. I believe you can ask for these every month.

Johnson & Johnson-They do not offer a mailing list, however, they do offer printable baby coupons/offers. They also offer two separate programs for coupons, one solely for baby coupons, and a separate program through Healthy Essentials to sign up for all J&J coupons. If you write to the company, they will also send you coupons, typically for $1/1 any J&J product.

Pampers- You can sign up for Pampers Village & Gifts to Grow programs which again offer helpful tips, tricks, and special offers.

Playtex- Offers an e-mail list that provides, tips, tricks, and special offers. From time to time they will offer amazing coupons on their homepage, so check in every once in a while before you go a-shopping.

Similac- Offers emails for Similac Strong Moms. They also offer good sized samples, nutrition information, and monthly packs of $5/1 coupons. If you sign up for their Strong Moms program, you will also receive a $20 credit to Shutterfly which you can use for anything, but would be great for Birth Announcements or Invitations.

Toys R Us- Sign your little one up for their birthday club, and they will receive a small gift card and birthday card every year until they are ten. Also don't forget to sign up for the Rewards R Us program if you pend $150 in qualifying purchases (which is unfortunately very easy to do), you get a $5 reward certificate.

Triaminic- Often offers $1/1 or $2/1 coupons without signing up for any mailing list.

That's all for now but stay tuned folks as I try to find some other deals, coupons, programs and freebies for our bay-bay's!

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