Monday, February 27, 2012

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 22


Trip to LA for two to hang out with Ron Jeremy Oh boy. Twatter contest, ends 3/22


Trip to NYC 5 winners, ends 3/10

Vacation! 50 trips being given away and free flights given daily, use bids on the vacation you want most, ends 3/25


Free gas the kind you pay for... well... I suppose you pay for both. 5 winners, ends 3/28

Nail polish 500 winners, ends 2/29

Shoes! 50 winners a day during the week, ends 2/29

Nail polish set 20 winners, ends 3/31 (do not subscribe)

John Frieda haircare basket 200 winners, ends 10/24

Madonna tickets 5 winners, ends 3/13

Twilight wedding yes... you can live the sparkly dream for reals. Ends 3/19

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