Thursday, February 2, 2012

Get Nailed: Cupcakes for Penny

My tiny terror Penny is turning two this Saturday the 4th ! Time sure flies. I decided to paint my nails for her. I combined three of her favorite things, sparkles, pink, and cupcakes!

1.) Clean and prep nails with a clear base coat, let dry.

2.) Next I used OPI Italian Love Affair on all but my middle fingers. On my middle fingers I used Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. I used 2- 3 coats on each nail, but remember to let nails dry between coats !

3.) On my ring fingers and thumbs I used Milani Diamond Dazzle because Penny LOVES "sparkles".

4.) On my pinkies I did polka dots (using a paperclip) and on my pointer fingers I did stripes. Both patterns were done with Milani White Canvas.

5.) Now for the fun part, the cupcake! I painted the bottom half of my middle fingers in bright pink using Essie Surfer Dude (no longer available). I then put stripes through that pink using Milani Draw in Pink. Together, this makes the cupcake wrapper.

Next I chose a medium pink for the cupcake itself using Milani Tip Toe Pink. I made sprinkles on the cake using Milani Nail Art in Blue Print, Green Sketch, Draw in Pink, and White Canvas.

6.) Last thing I did was I used Nicole Berry Sweet for the cherry on top, and slap on a clear top coat and voila !

I went home last night and Penny saw my nails. She said Momma pink nails pretty, OOOOHHH SPARKLES!!! And then she did her sign language for cake and got really excited, mission accomplished ! :)

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