Tuesday, February 7, 2012

25 Cheap & Fun Date Ideas for V-Day

V-Day. No, I'm not talking about WWII Victory Day, and I'm not raising awareness to end violence against women and girls. I'm talking about two words dreaded by most men: Valentine's Day ("I'm pregnant" was a close second). Not only is Valentine's Day a horrible movie , and the date of a famous massacre, it is known worldwide as "Spend lots of money on my significant other" Day. This year, break that lousy tradition with my fun and cheap dates. If you have any more ideas, keep 'em coming, and post them in the comment section!

1. Plan a picnic with all your favorite foods! If it is crappy weather, bring the picnic inside and listen to some smooth jams circa 1990!

2. Go to a roller rink. Roller skate while holding hands and dedicating songs to each other; can’t get much more Old School than that.

3. Mini-Golf if the weather permits. Many times you can find coupons online for your local Mini-Golf establishment. Just watch out for his huge backswing.

4. Go bowling! Lots of bowling centers also offer specials or coupons, just look in the paper or online. If you still can’t find any deals, call up the bowling alley and see what they are offering or if they are running any specials! Just don't pull any of these bonehead moves.

5. Hit up your local dive bar. It may be dark and dirty, but the drinks will also be cheap. You can drink yourself into a small coma for under $40. Most dive bars also have pool tables or dart boards. Nothing is better than cheap drinks and a little friendly competition.
6. Museums. Most museums are free or very cheap; it might be because they are boring and teach you things, I'm not sure.

7. The Zoo is a fun day date that is relatively inexpensive. It makes for great photos and exercise. Bring a sack lunch to keep the costs down even more.

8. Pick your own produce. Blueberries are fading out in the Southern areas, but still going strong in cooler places. It is the season for peaches and figs, and for select apples. After you pick it, you can even go home and make a dessert together!

9. Want a not-so-typical-date, how about some time at the shooting range? You can keep the cost down if you have your own “equipment,” as the hourly rates are not very much at most ranges.

10. For all the “ghoulish” guys & gals out there, why not go to your local cemetery and have a picnic, see who can find the funniest headstone, or do some good ‘ol fashion headstone rubbing.

11. What is more cliché and romantic than Ice Skating? If you are lucky enough to live where there is snow, ice skating outside is a 100% free date. If you live in a beach town like I do, go to your local indoor ice skating rink and pretend it’s authentic.

12. Do a scavenger hunt ending in him or her coming home to their favorite food or even sexy time *GASP*!

13. Do a fun “picture taking” scavenger hunt together. Put random items on a piece of paper and choose from a hat, or find a list online.

14.You could visit a haunted house, for haunted houses in your area, visit HauntedHouses online. There is nothing more romantic than crushing your guys hand and unavoidable incontinence.

15. Visit a psychic, palm reader, or tarot card reader with your friends or significant other.

16. Be philanthropic together. If you don’t know what that means don’t bother looking it up.

17. Take each other on a tour of the neighborhood or town where you grew up.

18. Pretend to be a tourist in your town for the day. I don’t mean dress up in Hawaiian shirts and wear white socks with shorts and Birkenstock's (like my dad). I mean go to your local City building and ask for a Visitor's guide or look on the city’s website for ideas.

19. Go to a matinee. To be even cheaper, go to the first showing of the day, “The Early Bird Special”. It is cheap, dirt cheap, and apparently so am I.

20. Make a five course meal at home, together. If you are both alive afterwards, success! Now go rent a movie from Redbox for $1 and call it a night!

21. Do a spa day at home. Give each other a massage and torture him with facials and uni-brow plucking. If you’re a single gal with friends, or a momma with or without kids do a mani-pedi night. You can also make DIY scrubs and face or hair masques and use those too!

22. For the daring single gal and friends, have a “Naughty Party”. Google it, I dare you.

23. Fondue for two! If you have a fondue set then all you need to buy is the ingredients. They sell good fondue sets at Bed Bath&Beyond for as low $19.99 plus you can use a 20% coupon. You can fondue with cheese, chocolate or try one of the many fondue recipes you can find online!

24. Go to your local dollar store or 99 cent store and buy stuff to make fun crafts together.

25. Have a couples night out or in, and have a karaoke contest. Drunken Tina Turner karaoke never gets old whether you are the one singing or watching.

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  1. These are great date ideas! Dates don't have to be always dinner outs but must be fun as well. Great post you got here. Thanks for the information that you've shared with your readers. :)