Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flapper Frocks and the Future of Downton Abbey

Have you heard the word on the streets? Well, ok I guess there is really nothing "street" about the mind numbingly addicting PBS series Downton Abbey but rumour has it (among other things) that the third season, which enters the 1920s, will be jam packed with cocktails instead of cordials, flapper-riffic slang, hot jazz, and an overall roaring twenties good time. It may be a little early to start planning a season three premiere party for Fall 2012 but it's not too early to start pondering the Grantham ladies' new fashions, which will no doubt be deliciously more daring than demure and more tawdry than Titantic (while hopefully still keeping it Crawley-style classy).

Lady Crawley, is that you?

"Flapper" style can get a cheesy rep from it's hellish polyester costume counterparts, but the look done right can be very romantic and totally wearable. Vanity Fair recently did a lovely piece on the looks of the twenties but for every day, affordable ways to capture the spirit (all below $50), my picks are below. Oh and don't forget the occasional pair of knee high socks or loose finger waves if you're feeling sassy.

Lace drop waist dress, ASOS $40.29
Wear this beauty with dark tights, scarlet lips, and a cloche (see below) for an easy throw back look or with your hair messy, skinny jeans and black ballet flats on a Saturday morning to the flea market. Plus, they did it right with the unique muted color. I want this. bad.

Hats 1 2 3, Forever 21 $10.99-$19.80
Hats aren't the easiest thing to wear. That being said, I find cloche style hats to be one of the easiest styles to pull off. They lay close to the  head and give an instant vintage charm. If you happen to see me on the odd day that I'm wearing a hat, it will most likely be a cloche. 

 Headbands 1 and 2, Etsy $9.99-12.00
I very much recommend venturing into fancy hair accessory territory for a special night out, just try to avoid anything with a feather sticking up (or feathers at all for that matter). Also, avoid red or other bright colors (hello, costume). I love these sleek and understated headbands that give add just enough sparkle to feel special.

Shoes, Plasticland $38
I'm not a huge "shoe" person but to really own the look, these authentic looking Mary Janes are the way to go.       

Bonus Whoreders tip: Season one and two of Downton Abbey are available for FREE instant streaming on PBS.org. FREE I said. If you are not caught up, go now. And until September 2012, just boot up your laptop, mix up a few of these and...keep calm and carry on. 


  1. Love it! And it's true about the cloche being one of the easiest ways to pull off a hat, even my big noggin can pull it off!

  2. Yay! Glad I'm not alone!