Monday, February 13, 2012

Swanky Sweepin' Volume 20

20 weeks of sweeping? Where did the time go? Hope some of you have won a few items since I started this!




Trip to the premiere of Hunger Games No transportation (in LA), ends 2/22

Another trip to NY Fashion Week Ends 3/31

Lots of stuff to enter for (mostly beauty supplies) All end 2/29, do not subscribe

$150 Target gift card 25 winners, ends 3/31

Macbook Ends 3/20

Trip to Puerrrto Rrrrico Ends 2/24

$50 See's Candy gift card 100 winners. It's a poem contest, but winners are chosen at random, ends 2/14

Cutest Vespa ever Ends 3/6

$500 of Fredericks of Hollywood naughtiness Ends 2/14

Acer Ultrabook 5 winners, ends 2/15

Trip to see Van Halen in concert Ends 2/29

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