Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sucker for Love

For any of you Whore(der)s who have younger kids that are not yet too cool for Valentine's Day, this post is for you!

Tired of the same 'ol boring Valentine cards your kids fill out every year? Want to do something fun, memorable, and cheap? Make your kid the hit of the classroom on Valentine's day with these four easy-ish hand-made valentines. All you need is colored or construction paper, writing/coloring utensils, lollipops, and tape!

Lovely Lips Lollipop

1.) Draw lips on pink or red paper.

2.) Cut out lips.

3.) Outline lips with a similar color.

4.) Cut a tiny slit in the middle of the lips and push the lollipop stick through so when you suck on the lollipop, you have cartoony exaggerated lips !

Lotus Lovin' Lollipop

1.) Follow origami instructions found here.

2.) Color or decorate as you see fit.

3.) Put a lollipop through the middle of the flower so the lollipop stick becomes the stem.

I Heart Flower Pops
1.) Pick any color paper you wish to make your flower petals.

2.) Cut 4-6 hearts out of the paper, roughly all the same size.

3.) Make a tiny slit in the bottom of each heart approximately 1/2 cm from the point

4.) Slide the lollipop stick through each slot and arrange heart petals to your liking.

"You're Super" Lollipop
1.) Grab a fun bright colored paper to draw the cape and mask on. Write any funny or pun-ny message on the cape for your Valentine.

2.) Cut out the cape and mask.

3.) Cut a slit in the cape approximately 3/4 centimeter away from the top point.

4.) Slide lollipop stick through the slit so now it appears to be wearing a cape.

5.) Put the mask on the "face" of the lollipop and tape together in back.

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