Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheap Thrills: For Pet's Sake

"I demand the best, because I am the best." - Oliver, Whoreder Dog

Many of us have surrendered our hearts to a special little fuzzy, scaly or fishy face. I'm not talking about our exes, but rather our pets! I'll admit to spoiling my dog Oliver, but how could I ever deny that face? Our pets give us tons of love and comfort, so this week's Cheap Thrills are dedicated to them.  I looked for fun items that all kinds of pets can enjoy and we can get a little entertainment value out of as well. Ready? Let's fetch!

Hmm... I wonder what made me pick this treat box? Plasticland is a great source for quirky goodies for you and your pets - although items can sell out quickly, so don't dilly dally too long. Use this vintage style box to keep treats fresh, try making some of your own - it'll save money and your dog will love them (probably). You can also use the box as a little storage container for whatever your heart desires. I plan on using mine as a piggy bank, of course I'll use all the money I squirrel away on bow ties and liver treats for Oliver.

Umbra Fish Hotel - Amazon, $33.29 (was $38.50)
Who needs a boring old fish bowl when you can get this his mod cube shaped fish hotel? Your fishy little friend will feel like she's on an episode of Cribs in this thing! I originally saw this at Plasticland, but it sold out in the blink of an eye. Luckily, Amazon also has it in stock for a few bucks less - plus free shipping.

Bamboo Cat Window Perch - Future Pets, $19.95
I'll admit it, I don't know much about cats - but I do know they love to lounge (who doesn't?). This bamboo perch gets mounted under your kitty's favorite window and they can enjoy the view while they soak up the sun. This is also a good way to save your furniture from a little wear and tear - your can can use the perch instead of your favorite sofa. While your cat snoozes, you can decorate them and turn them into an art installation

Kooky Spooky Skull Toys - Funny Fur, $6.41 to $14.41
My dog tears up plush toys, so instead of buying full price things he'll destroy in a hot minute, I go to places like the Dollar Tree or buy seasonal items once they've gone on sale. These skull toys from Funny Fur come in three sizes, and your dog won't mind that Halloween has come and gone! They've got lots of holiday toys available in their Sale section at big discounts, you can get some good bargains and stock up for next year's holidays.

Cardboard Cat Tipi - Mod Cloth, $24.99
I can't tell if that cat is content or furious, but does it matter? If he likes his Tipi, cool beans. If he doesn't, he can tear it up and still have fun! The Tipi is made of cardboard, and is (allegedly) a snap to put together. The internet hasn't let me down yet, and according to Maru, cats go cray-cray for cardboard.

Vitakraft Wildberry Drops for Rabbits - Pet Smart, $4.99
I only know one bunny, but she's a pistol and has the attitude of 1,000 rabbits. (Hey, Lenore!) I once bought her these yogurt drops on a whim, and learned that she went bananas for them. Get your bunny's nose wigglin' for only $5!

 Super Pet Totally Chewbular Play Tubes - Pet Co, $2.39 - $4.79 (20% off)
Being a sucker for packaging and product names, it's no surprise that I fell for the Totally Chewbular tube. It's a vegetable parchment tube with a little bit of fluffy bedding peeking out of one end. Your teeny hamsters and gerbils can have a gnarly 80s party in these play tubes, just be sure to warm up before you start bustin' out your break dancing moves!

Ancient Egyptian Vase Reptile Hideout - Big Apple Pet Supply, $10.95
Not gonna lie, I picked this one because it reminded me of something out of Indiana Jones. This vase will serve as some decoration in their tank, as well as a little hideout spot where they can decompress after a long day and write in their journals. You can also DIY with that vase you broke at your last party and never glued back together!

Cozy Corner for Birds - Pet Solutions, $3.99 - $5.99 
Many moons ago, I had a little Love Bird named Alfred - we found him in our yard and despite being completely freaked out by birds, I grew attached to him. I got him a toy like this Cozy Corner and Alfred really, uh... took to it. In fact, I would hear his cage rocking back and forth and run over to find him putting the moves on his fake bird buddy. Escandalo! I also found this Snuggle Sack, if your bird prefers a hangin' hideaway.

That's all, folks! I hope you and your critters found something you liked, and can both enjoy a future retail therapy session together. Oliver and I big you farewell until next time!

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