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True Blood Fashion - Sookie and the Werewolves

Heather is still a bit embarrassed to say it - but we're excited about this Sunday, kids! What's Sunday, you ask? OUR PRECIOUS TRUE BLOOD COMES BACK TO US. June 10th is the Season 5 premiere on HBO and we're ready to drool, I mean, watch the show!

Vanessa and Heather decided it would be fun to put together some fashion posts for the main characters, and although we originally had you, the readers in mind, we quickly realized it was all about us. For a few brief days we got to pretend to BE these characters... "if I was Eric, what would I wear?" and the answer is always "nothing," until we realized that post would be rather short.

Let's begin, shall we?

Sookie Stackhouse - Bon Temps' resident clairvoyant faerie waitress,  is a laid back country dish with sex served on the side. Sookie's look is sweet southern belle without the fuss and frills. Despite everything she's been through, there's still a bit of innocence that shines through her character and that's reflected in her wardrobe. She's not afraid to show off some sun-kissed skin, but it's never done in a vulgar way, Grandma Stackhouse wouldn't approve!

One of Sookie's signature looks is a sweet summer dress. They're feminine and youthful, short (but never too short), simple and flattering to her figure. When shopping for your Sookie sundress, don't over think it - imagine you're going to a picnic on a warm, sunny day. Old Navy has so many adorable dresses that fit this description right now, like these Sweetheart Sundresses, only $17! Many of the sizes are selling out, but it's worth a drive to the nearest store to check their inventory. This ModCloth dress is perfect for a day in the park and Lulu's has this Roxy Liberty dress that's very Sookie-worthy:

and H&M has a blue bandana print dress available in sizes 4-16. A great thing about Sookie's look is that it can be done in any size, ASOS is a great place to find plus size options that don't look frumpy or matronly, like the ASOS Curve Sundress (available in three colors) or this ASOS Curve Strapless dress in a colorful floral print.

This Crisscross Sundress from Victoria's Secret is a cute way to take the sundress in a more formal, nighttime direction. ASOS Curve has this Skater Dress in embroidered cotton for a plus size version that Sookie would stake you for.

No, we're not gonna tell you how to dress like a waitress. But Sookie's work style isn't too far removed from her at-home style, it's casual and very girl-next-door with a southern twist. Like with the dresses, look for feminine and youthful prints and styles. Floral prints are a great way to add Sookie style, like this Mossimo top from Target or this Olsenboye Peasant top from JC Penney. Camisole style tops are another Sookie staple, Old Navy has a Ruffled Cami Top in three Stackhouse friendly colors for only $15 (bonus Sookie points for the front-tie.

This Mossimo sleeveless top is similar, without the tie, and is available in three southern sweetie styles. Lulu's has this Venice Beach tank top with a cute little flounce bottom.  The ultimate Sookie top is a cropped denim number, like this one from Go Jane or this Chambray tie-hem top from Old Navy. Sookie isn't afraid to show a little skin, and lacy tops are a great way to do this without going completely bare. Forever 21 has this sheer lace racerback top in 3 colors for only $9!

Go Jane has a floral embroidered top in black or white, and ASOS Curve has this sleeveless crochet tunic in sizes 14-22.
So what do you think Sookie would pull out of her closet to go with those tops we just found? Of course, her favorite denim cutoffs! Go Jane has a blinged out pair, H&M has a basic pair for $12.95, ASOS Curve has super cute pair (I already ordered mine. -Vanessa)

and Old Navy has two options, sizes 0-20 and 16-30. If you're not into shorts, try a denim mini - you can always wear them with tights if you're shy about bare legs. UrbanOG has the Miley Denim Skirt for under $20, and ASOS Curve has this one for plus size gals.

All that running around with Vampires and Werewolves means shoes are another important part of Sookie's look. Go for a simple, casual look with these Renee Sneakers from Delia's  or these Sparkly Flip Flips from American Eagle (8 colors from $6.99 - $9.99!). To dress up those dresses, how about these Steve Madden wedge sandals from Amazon?

These Refresh Espadrilles from Overstock fit the bill too, as do these Del Mar Demi Wedges from Macy's.

Werewolves:  Rock n' Roll spends time in the outdoors cutting wood all day. Part biker, part lumberjack.

Lady wolves - The woman wolves are a sexy bunch, wild biker chicks not afraid of showing lots of skin. During they day they favor a more relaxed woodsy look - sexy, yet rugged, ready to pounce at any moment. At night they throw on their best halter top, punk heels, and toss back shots of whiskey, unafraid of letting go of inhibitions and rebelling against society's ideals of a "proper" dainty lady.

Tank tops are an easy place to start building your she-wolf look, Lulu's has this Tropical Eclipse Crop Top (see, we even worked in a moon/wolf connection!) that would be perfect for any lady wolf out on the town.

I think Debbie Pelt would go nuts for this Sparkle & Fade Extreme Macramé-Back Tank from Urban Outfitters, if your wild side is craving some animal prints try this Zebra Printed Racerback Top from Love Culture. These Pins and Needles Lacy Tanks would look great under a full moon too, five colors to choose from now 2 for $24. If you want just a basic top to build on, try these Lounge Camis from Old Navy, available in 7 colors.

Bustiers and halter tops can look rough n' tough, too like this Leopard Bustier, or if you want to go all out - a motorcycle leather vest.

Team up those tops with a fur vest like this one from Forever 21 or go a little fancier with this Style Portfolio Faux Fur Vest at Bloomingdale's.

If fur isn't your look, try a motorcycle jacket like this one from Free People, or an ASOS Biker Jacket, and another hot item is a simple denim vest, like this one from Old Navy:

Keep that animal energy going down below with these zebra striped shorts from H&M,  or maybe you'd like this studly pair from Iron Fist?

You can also work those stems in a skirt, like this Sparkle & Fade Intarsia Skirt from Urban Outfitters or Metropark's Bandage Skirt (final sale, $29!). You can still show off your legs like a rock & roll shifter while keeping them covered up - look for skinny jeans with a wild twist, like this purple pair from Tripp at Hot Topic. Get double the fun with this reversible reptile/denim Source of Wisdom skinnies from Torrid. We saved the wildest for last, I'm sort of obsessed with these right now... Leggings Queen's faux leather leggings!

Those leggings make me think of Sandy's bad girl transformation at the end of Grease, when she says the famous line, "Tell me about it, stud." What could be more perfect than a pair of studded heels to go with all that black faux leather? Go Jane has two studly options, the silver spiked peep toe platform, and this gold studded platform pump.

If studs aren't your thing, maybe these Guess buckle detail pumps are more up your alley?

In case a quick escape is needed, you might want to have a fierce pair of boots in your closet. Delia's has a pair of Mia Page Riding Boots in two colors for under $60. You can get this pair of Not Rated boots in your choice of four colors starting at $30 via Amazon.

And before we forget, what kind of fashionable lady wolf would be without a pair of faux fur leg warmers?!

Werewolf menz: These manly men don't mess around with fashion - they look for comfort and durability with a tough look to match their aggressive nature. Mixed with their muscles, scraggly facial hair, and dark features, the overall style is ruggedly sexy. Thank youuuuu, wolf men. You're doin' it right. Mmmm-hmm...

Werewolves, especially Alcide, look great in button up shirts (preferably with snap buttons for easy access to the manly chest) like this Carhartt Denim Workshirt or 1889 Flannel Shirt.

For colder nights a thermal can be worn underneath (or alone)... just make sure you buy it a size too small to show off the pecks.
You can't go wrong with a leather jacket, like this one from Xelement available at Amazon.

DC Shoes makes this great hooded Transmission Twill Jacket, this Sean Jean Moto jacket is nice and simple and the classic fitted jean jacket by G-Star always looks fashionable in a "I'm just naturally swag" kind of way.

Wolves like comfortable, but rugged, working man boots like these from Harley Davidson.

Steve Madden Gramm Cap Toe boots are perfect for stomping through the woods, and Kenneth Cole's Mind Over Matter shoes are so sexy Alcide would make the trek back into the woods to find them after a long night of shifting into his spirit animal.

Come back tomorrow, we will reward you with more True Blood tastiness!

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