Friday, June 29, 2012

Get Nailed: Lazer Show Mani

I've seen similar versions of this mani all over the place and it is super fun! The best part about it is that it is not only super easy, but there are so many color and design combinations that it's practically endless! I first attempted to do this with my handy scotch tape, but scotch tape and Milani Holographic polishes do not mix. Every time I removed my tape design, the polish would come off too. So I dug into my nail art box of treasures until I found a suitable replacement for the scotch tape... nail art tape. Nail art tape is a cheap and fun way to decorate your nails, so you should invest in some and just keep it around as it's pretty versatile.

1.) For this manicure, after my clear base coat, I painted each a finger a different Holographic color and let dry completely.

2.) Next, I cut small pieces of nail tape and placed them in my desired designs on my nails.

3.) Third, I took a black Milani polish and painted over the entire nail, tape and all.

4.) Quickly removed the tape while the black polish was still wet.

5.) Follow with a clear coat only if you are not using matte polish, and viola! there it is, an easy, quick and unique design that reminds me of an awesome lazer show!

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  1. I think all of those things you do looks pretty good and I used to makeup for my nails too!