Friday, June 1, 2012

Insta-Collections! with Cavallini & Co.

My all time writer crush Vladimir Nabokov and his wife Vera collecting butterflies. 
Lepidopterists for life, yo.

I'm going to fill you in on one of my favorite secrets of internet shopping for classy home decor. No, it's not this sexeh "foot" stool that's more Myrtle Corbin than Marie Antoinette, this big ass wine bottle bar, or even the Potty Patch (although, I have had a dark moment or two in my life where I totally thought I needed this astroturf atrocity for Tino. Don't judge me). It's none of these. Try to hide your disappointment, friends.

You see, when my boyfriend and I moved into our current apartment, I set a few rules for myself when decorating the place in a tasteful (as possible) manner: 1. Keep my clutter and "collecting" under control. 2. No more bringing in "treasures" from the curb (but let's be honest, if something is super amaze, it's coming with) and 3.) Invest in some new, larger scale wall art which, since we are adults, should be framed (no, this does not include my tattered OK Computer poster from highschool or Casey's Grindhouse/Deathproof movie poster, as endearing as they both may be).

Sometime around this time, the stars aligned and I discovered the magic of Cavallini & Co., a paper goods company that makes some of the dang prettiest and best looking decorative paper around. At a large 20x28 inches, they make perfect wall art and although the size isn't standard, you should be able to find frames to fit them with a little searching. Totally worth it. I have seen their papers at various stationary shops but online is where you will find the best selection. The vintage motifs include everything from phrenology heads, bird ephemera, fancy plumes, French postcardsand animals (parents: how cute would this be in kids room?). My favorites are the designs that feature illustrations of collections of beautiful things like butterflies or decadent pastries. They add a touch of maximalist aesthetic (yes, please) to a room but without the clutter and chaos. Really, what could be better than that? 

Did I mention that these beauties are usually under $4 a piece? That's about the same price as a skinny vanilla latte incase you were still undecided on the value. I may have went a little crazy with them in my decor but must say that I'm happy with the results. Here are the ways that I've decorated with them in our apartment:

The living room aka wannabe cabinet of curiosities.

Left: MushroomsI also love this one.
Right: Papillons     

A shrine to sweet treats (and Elvis) 
in the kitchen with this print.

Side note: This vintage poster in the living room
 (in which I recently painted a wall "Spumoni" green)
is not a Cavallini & Co. delight but an Ebay find. A very similar 
look can be had with this awesome L'Anatomie paper. Score!

Do you have any top secret decor tips or fun decorating plans for the weekend? On Saturday, I will be at Hester Street Fair in NYC's Lower East Side with friends, selling Rubella Jewelry and trying not to bring any unnecessary objects into the apartment, as always. Wish me luck! Sunday will probably be a beach day in Asbury Park with family. I'm already thinking about an iced coffee from Cafe Volan and this rad shirt that they sell. Happy Friday!


  1. a. the lady Myrtle stool is so tacky I kind of like it, if only I had a walk-in closet.
    b. I still think we should have taken that scientific lab kit outside of your apartment and some days I think about the avocado couch taken from our alley
    c. You always have amazin' idears
    d. I miss you
    e. That shirt IS pretty great

  2. One day you will have a walk in closet (maybe) and I will buy you the fertile Myrtle stool, Heather.

    Also, I feel like the stages of my adult life could be re-told in couches. First, our wonderful (yet horrible at the same time) avocado green vinyl pull-out alley sofa. Then, the very shabby tapestry sectional that Sam and I had that we wore out out so bad and eventually had to sadly put it on the curb. Then, my victorian favorite sofa ever that I had to get rid of (::tear::) because it couldn't fit in that garden level (aka basement) apartmment that I moved into. Now Casey and I have a vintage but fairly nondescript green velvet sofa bed that works but makes me miss the couches of my past. I am getting emo here. Someone put me out of my misery.

    I still owe you a t-shirt in a normal size, so I will see how much these ones are:)

    1. I had an awesome beach house white mod couch that we partied too hard on and it spent it's last days on cement blocks, then the avocado couch that stuck to our thighs, then a couch from a bastard that made me cry, and now my futon and victorian love seat combo. One day I will have my final couch - classic grande libraryesque leather sofa. Sigh. At least getting old comes with furniture upgrades.

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