Thursday, June 7, 2012

True Blood Fashion: Lafayette and the Vamps

It shouldn't come as a big surprise that Lafayette and the Vamps would emerge as True Blood fan favorites. Glamorous, so very pretty, and sassy - they add a special flavor to the whole show that makes us all very happy.

Sassy Hip Hop with a sprinkle of drag queen - that's what Heather wrote in our notes when we started working on this post and I decided to leave it because I couldn't say it any better. Lafayette works a look that is flamboyant and completely his own, but he still maintains a sense of masculinity. As fierce as a drag queen and as ferocious as the manliest macho man, that's our beloved Lafayette.

Lafayette loves showing off his toned arms (tickets to the gun show, anyone?) so that means you'll need to stock up on cool tank tops. The Deter Rib Cage Tank from Urban Outfitters is probably our favorite, as is this Glamour Kills Pizza Party number. Can you imagine anything better than Lafayette and a pizza party?! I can't. Be a walking optical illusion poster with this Tube Lines Tank from Karma Loop, p.s. hellooooooo mister male model.

There's nothing more macho than camo print, except maybe, like, a bear trap or something. PacSun has this one for your approval. Still want to show off your muscles, but you're on budget? No problem, babies. H&M has this jersey tank in three designs for $4.95! That's less than a Subway sammich!

Stick with that basic print in a short sleeve shirt like this V-Neck Chain Tee from Joe Fresh, only 12 bucks! If you're feeling brave and want to turn up the razzle dazzle, try this fishnet t-shirt from Lip Service. I DARE YA!

For those chilly bayou nights, cover up with this Sean John vest from Macy's - get an extra 20% with the code SUMMER. You can't go wrong with a good old denim, we found a great basic denim vest on Ebay. Speaking of classic, work this sleeveless hoodie from H&M, available in four colors.

Not everyone could pull off bleach distressed jeans, but Lafayette could, right?

Same goes for these skinny jeans in bright colors from Joe Fresh.  If you want to show off your legs, try these camouflage print shorts from Urban Pipeline. They also make some cool plaid cargo shorts in a few different colors.
Accessories add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, and they're also a great way to add small touches to your existing wardrobe. If you don't want to go full-on Lafayette, try some of these for a little dose. The Reynolds camo cap from Metropark isn't too scary and it's so very Lafayette.

Sunglasses keep you looking mysterious and cool, this pair of aviators from Joe Fresh are a classic masculine style, but the colored lenses add just the right amount of fabulous Lafayette would approve of. Urban Outfiters has these rubberized aviators in three colors, $14 or 2 for $20 - one for you, one for your partner in crime!

Okay, you've got your shades on, now you need a little bling. Nothing crazy, don't run away. Just a few shiny baubles with a funky twist to catch your admirer's eye. Add some color and serenity to your outfit with this 108 Bead Malachite prayer necklace, or this Coiled Ring from Karma Loop. Always be on time and on the beat with this Boombox watch from Metropark.

Lounge with styyyyyyyyle in (what else?) a luxurious silk robe, like this one from Pure Silk or this dragon print design we found on Ebay. Woot woo. Then top off your look with the quintessential Lafayette accessory, the head scarf. Work some boho mojo with this Tie Dye scarf, keep it budget friendly with dark blue print scarf from H&M,  or go wild with an animal print. Keep it classic with this solid head wrap for less than $10!

They're as varied as us regular living folk, they come in all shapes and sizes, some total glamourpusses and some more conservative. Let's explore a few of our favorite fanged ones, shall we? Ladies first...

Pam likes her clothing fitted and sexy - effortlessly blending classic styles one day and underground dominatrix goth club the next. For her lighter moods she might slip into this floral dress from H&M or perhaps this cute red number from ModCloth. This long sleeve ASOS dress is a good inbetween for when she's feeling undecided. When she's feeling spicy, watch out ladies, she'll take your man in this Victoria's Secret Lace Dress. On their second date she'll bring him to a vamp club in this Life Kumquatic Halter Dress from Lulu's.

She may be hundreds of years older, but it has made her a better temptress than you. Just walk away.

Speaking of walking... when Pam walks into a room, she does it in a fabulous pair of shoes. Like these NYC Survivor Platforms from Pin-Up Girl. Pay homage to two fierce ladies in one pair of shoes, Pam and Betsey Johnson, these Iconnn-R Pumps are a steal on Amazon at the moment.

Keep it simple and classy in a pair of black Caparros Webster pumps from Piperlime or go a little funky Victorian with these Brocade Lattice Strap MaryJanes from Plasticland. Work these Pierre Dumas Traviata boots from Piperlime, and walk all over the hearts of fangbangers everywhere.

Pam's style spans as many decades as she does, she's done vintage looks from the 50s through the 80s and also likes modern designer styles. Whatever style she's wearing, Pam is always fitted to perfection, look for curve hugging styles with some pizazz - like this Triangle Sequin skirt from Forever 21. H&M has the perfect basic skirt with some sparkle, as well as this gorgeous floral print skirt.

Jessica is one of the youngest vamps on the show, she came from a conservative, extremely sheltered world. Jessica's look in her formal life was similar to Sookie's, but as she's come into her own as a vampire, we've seen her style get a little sexier - she still sports jeans and t-shirts, but the jeans are a little snugger and the shirt a little more low-cut. Jessica's baby vamp style mixes youthful prints and looks with an old school vampy va-va-voom.

Plasticland's Sail Away dress is sweet without being too saccharine, Jessica might like this Strawberry Fields dress if she's in a retro mood. I get the feeling Jess might become as obsessed with Pinup Girl's site as we are, especially if she sees this Ginger Dress.

UrbanOG's Garden Wish dress (available in 3 colors) might also work its way into our li'l vamp's closet. And I can totally see her running after some dinner in this Wait for Your Pattern dress from ModCloth. This mini skirt from H&M, available in 6 colors can be yours for less than $6! Finally, when Jessica is feeling like going a little crazy and wants to skip a boring old pair of jeans, I bet she slips on these metallic paint splatter leggings from ASOS Curve.

10 million turned... on.

Where were we? Oh, right! The vampire men, we'd like to sink our teeth into them. Or let them sink their teeth into us, whatever, as long as there's a certain tall drink of Swedish water involved.

Eric is hundreds of years old, and oh so mesmerizing. I can't even get mad at him for occasionally wearing a track suit.

To start off, you're gonna need a killer black tank top. There's no way around it, if you want to go authentic Eric Northman, find yourself a racerback tank and hit the gym until your arms and shoulders can make a certain pair of lady bloggers weak in the knees. What's a racerback, you may be asking? This is a racerback. 2(X)ist has a great square cut tank that would do nicely, and this might be the only time I'm ever going to recommend a deep-v neck shirt for a man.

Pair that with a jacket to get your Eric Northman on, be prepared for catcalls from enthusiastic admirers. The Zoom Jacket from Joe Fresh is similar to the sporty jackets Eric wears, as is this Calvin Klein jacket from Macy's. This checked jacket is a little more formal, but still has an edge that keeps it from being too stuffy.

Every fashionable vampire needs a leather jacket, look for styles that are slimmer and more streamlined than regular biker style leather jackets. Like this motorcycle jacket (similar to one we included for the wolves) or the Alex Leather Jacket from ASOS.

Another important Eric wardrobe necessity is a certain Banana Republic sweater, it was from a couple of seasons ago, but I (Vanessa) remember that it caused an uproar on the internet. I'm pretty sure the man filling up the sweater had more to do with the hubbub, but all the same, it was a sweater very similar to this one.

P.S. I'm purposely omitting any trouser options, because when I picture Eric, he's usually not wearing any. 

Bill  aka Beel is a no-nonsense Southern Gentleman, well.... as gentlemanly as a vampire can be. Protector of us weakling humans to the point that he usually feeds on bottles of True Blood instead of injuring a mortal to dine.

Bill's style is usually pretty un-relaxed. He enjoys a good suit and even his comfortable outfits still look good enough for a business meeting. He loves button up shirts like this classic style from Joe Fresh, this classic fit shirt from Old Navy, and this Military shirt, also from Old Navy, would look gooood on him.

Bill also looks good in sweaters like the GAP v-neck cotton sweater and especially their Ribbed Button-Placket sweater. For her pleasure. At night he'll throw on this ASOS Funnel Neck Trench coat and think about his time in the Civil War.

For more formal events (or when he's feeling fancy) this ASOS Slim Fit Blazer, INC Dover Blazer, and this simple blazer from H&M all have spots in his closet. He'd team those up with some fancy pants like Banana Republic Herringbone Utility pants, Tailored Fit Poplin Trousers, or a more relaxed Sport Trouser from Joe Fresh. A casual outfit for ol' Beel would involve some basic dark wash classic jeans, like these by Tommy Hilfiger.

I can't imagine Bill wearing sneakers of any sort... perhaps he has worn them and I didn't notice, but it just doesn't seem right. He likes this Rhode Chukka boots and on a lazy day, might wear this St. John's Bay Boat shoes.

Excited about True Blood's return and want to throw a party? Come back tomorrow, we have lots of ideas!


  1. Jessica Tuck is in my other show Grimm as a creepy character too, she is like a soul sucking witch...literally...I see you don't cover her fashion, is it because she's old ? HOWDAREYOU

  2. It's mostly because her name is Marnie... PSYCH! We just didn't have time to cover the witches, Char, sorry.