Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trendy Mommy Tuesdays: vol. 10

Inspiration: Blazers

This week isn't inspired by a "who" so much as a "what". Everywhere I look, online or in magazines, all the celebrities (even the moms) are wearing blazers. You can pair a blazer with shorts, pants or even dresses. These days they ar enot only available in the classic black & white, but they come in a lot of fun colors and flattering cuts for women. This is one look I would really like to pull off but I can't, especially now six months pregnant. Seriously, Google images of "Pregnant in a blazer", it's generally not very cute, you'll see.

Black & Yellow:
Pic of all 3 Mommas in 2012 from CelebStyle.

Tops (L to R): Zara Blazer $130 & PiperLime Blazer $79
Bottoms (L to R): PiperLime Levi's $37 Volcom Shorts $35

Yellow blazers seem to be very popular right now. They are perfect for summer and if you have the guts to wear it, you better rock the *ish* out of it. You can pair it with blue denim jeans or for a bold look, pair it with little black shorts or black skinny's and a bold red lip!

Pink & Coral:
Pic of JLo and Jessica Alba from PeopleStyleWatch.

Tops (L to R): Loehmann's Blazer $60, ASOS Blazer $61, & Sparkle & Fade Blazer $79
Bottoms: (L to R):  Michael Kors $53, DKNY $48, Dollhouse $38

Yay for color! I am loving these pink and coral blazers. When paired with bright jeans, the look is amazing.Too cute for words. Remember to keep the makeup light so you don't overload on color.

Classic Black:
Pic of  Kate B. from CelebrityFashioinista, Tiffany A.T. form OneLookOneDay, and  Posh from Over40Style.

      Tops (L to R): RedoPin Blazer $152 (but so cute!), JCStyle $72, & ASOS $70
Bottoms (L to R): CK Shorts $45, ASOS Pants $53, & Express Shorts $30

Yes these jackets are classic black blazers but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Pair them with some bright shorts or leather looking bottoms and you have something unique and chic to wear. A black blazer can be your best friend as it is the most versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

Do you have any blazers or are you planning on buying one this Summer to stay on trend? Love them or hate them, leave a comment below or on our FB telling us how you feel and post a picture of your favorite blazer if you have one!

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