Friday, June 15, 2012

Get Nailed: Reinforcement Rings

Here is a fun spin on the Half Moon Mani using those handy little reinforcement stickers once again!

You will need:
Clear base coat
Two contrasting colors
Clear top coat
Reinforcement Stickers

Paint nails with clear base coat, let dry.

Paint nails with "lighter color", or "non-textured" color" ( I used Certainly Cherry first and Purple Glitter second.) Remember to let dry completely or the stickers will adhere to the polish and rip off sections of it upon removal.

Once nails are COMPLETELY dry, place reinforcement stickers randomly on your nails depending on the shape you are looking for. (These clear ones are hard to see as I ran out of white ones but I assure you they are there.)

Paint over each sticker beginning at the rounded edge and brush outwards. Once the nails are painted with the second coat, remove stickers and you will have fun rounded, shapes and edges on your nails.

Let second coat dry and top with a clear and/or fast drying top coat and viola!

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