Friday, May 18, 2012

Whoreders: Get Nailed: SPLAT !

Long time, no nail art. So sorry, but I have been extreeeeeemely lazy..errr...busy. Yes, busy, that's it. Anyhow, after browsing the Internet for nail art ideas, I got even lazier, and all my ambition went down the drain. Next time, I promise something new and exciting. This time, I decided to do splatter paint nails, it may not be new, but it is exciting! I mean come on, I named them SPLAT! nails.  

How did I do it you ask? It seriously is the easiest manicure in the world, even my two year old daughter could do it...maybe even better than I did, but we won't talk about that. Anyhow, all you do is put a dollop of polish where you want the main "SPLAT!" to be, and take a toothpick, bobby pin, or other pointy tool to drag out lines and splat marks! That's it..seriously. While the manicure isn't perfect, that's the genius behind it, you can be messy and still claim you wanted it to look that way !

Originally I was thinking of doing something along these lines, but I wanted something simpler with little to no clean up. Luckily, I found the amazing Nail Nerd and saw these super cute nails that she did. I used her idea but changed up the color combo and did not use a base coat.

If you try this or have done it in the past, please feel free to post pictures as we would love to see your mani's! If you have any other ideas or requests for future posts leave a comment here or on our FB!

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