Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Year Older and More Free Stuff

As I do every year, I turned another year older a few days ago. I love my freebies, so of course I signed up with a bunch of companies on Charlotte's post from a few months ago, and anxiously awaited my prezzies. To my surprise, there were a few extras I wasn't expecting!

A few of these are specific to my area, but this made me realize that all of you should look up your fav local eateries and mom and pop stores to see if they have a sign up sheet for an account, rewards program, or mailing list. If they ask for your birthday on the sign up there's a good chance they'll send you something, even if it's just a shopping discount! Hey, I like discounts, too!

Rusty's Pizza  Free pizza on your birthday

Wood Ranch  Free dessert during your birthday month

Hooters  Free entree

Disney Rewards  100 bonus points

I got a bunch of shopping discounts. A bunch. I should have made a list, but I didn't think about it at the time, sorry kids. I remember there was $5 off $30 at Hot Topic, $10 off $50 at Old Navy, and lots of free shipping offers, which would come in handy for any gift cards you may get!

My surprise present from World Market was $10 free, no minimum (yay!), the gift from Johnny Rockets changed to a free hamburger, and the gift from Sephora is an awesome lip duo (yay some more!), so go sign up!

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