Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stained Salt

I had a Cinco de Mayo gathering of the tacos on, well... you guessed it - the fifth of May. My friends and I wanted margaritas (to go with our copious amount of tacos) and I decided to have some fun with it. Why not dye the rimming salt the colors of the Mexican flag?

I am a brilliant idea maker.

It's incredibly easy:

Put coarse salt into a ziplock bag or jar with a lid, add a few drops of desired color, and shake! Slowly add more color until you get the desired shade. If you're feeling extra artsy and looking for an exact color, remember the color wheel and mix the primary colors! For my green I threw in a little red to make it darker.

Spread the salt out on wax paper to dry.

Once dry, you can either get crazy and mix colors together or keep them in separate piles. I kept mine close together so we could put the cup right in the middle and get all three colors!

I think I should make margaritas more often. Who's ready for another taco party?

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