Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trendy Mommy Tuesdays vol. 7

Inspiration: Christina Aguilera (X-Tina if you're nasty)
Only my best friend knows this secret about me. I, am a fan of Christina Aguilera. Although I only know a few of her newer songs from Back To Basics, and Bionic, I will admit that I know every word of every song off of her album Stripped. Now that that "Dirrty" secret is out, I can continue with my article with a clear conscience.

This year, my poor Christina has been getting a ton of crap in the tabloids, whether it be for the "spray tan incident", the ongoing feud with Kelly Osbourne about her weight gain, her alleged binge drinking or her Diva antics and "lack of manners" (according to The Wanted) on the Voice. No matter what anyone says about her, there is no denying that the girl can sing and IMO, she has a fun sense of style!

Despite the rumours and allegations, not only do I love me some Christina, but I am seriously obsessed with The Voice, a TV singing competition on which Christina is one of the coaches. She definitely has had her questionable outfits on this show, but at least they were always memorable.

Speaking of Christina and her fashion, recently she was spotted shopping in West Hollywood, CA at Fred Segal in a royal blue sweater over a black skull print tube mini with black tights and pumps. Gurl also loves her accessories and made sure to rock some trendy sunglasses and a fedora as well.

This weeks looks are not made to mimic Christina,but rather are inspired by her!

Look #1: The Trendsetter
Clubwear Dress: For those of us who can pull this off, it is only $17.40 and a super cute look!
Fedora: Cute black and tan fedora, $26.99
CK Shoes: On sale for $54.99 (yes that's the sale price) @ Overstock
Bangles: On sale for $18 @ Macy's 

 Look #2: The Rocker
Fringe-Front Hobo Bag
Skull Tank Dress: $31.50 + FREE shipping, great for a daytime look!
Cardigan: Royal Blue cardi $22
Shoes: Black sparkly flast $20 
Bag: $22.50

Look #3: The Fashionista

Skull Print- Chiffon Hem Dress: For $55.80  this fashion forward dress is not for everyone, but fun & unique IMO!
Shoes: Iron Fist black skull  print on black leather , a little steep @ $95 but totally worth it !
Earrings: Leoprd print feather dangle earrings for a little punch of fun (as if this outfit isn't fun enough...)!

I hope you all liked this week of Trendy Mommy Tuesdays. If you have comments or any mommas you want me to represent, leave a comment below or head on over to our FB page!

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