Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picnic Party

Warm weather equals time outdoors, and time outdoors is always best when there is food involved.

Why not have a picnic? On the beach, in the park, or right on your front lawn - enjoy the day and stuff your faces!
Here's some picnic supplies I gathered, all for $30 and under!


Woven Basket, $26.99

And if you don't want to share your food, bring it all in this Organ Cooler from Think Geek, $19.99. Get 3.5% back through Ebates and free shipping for orders over $75.


 You will need something to sit on, because dirty clothes are so 1992.

Travel mat, $22.49, 3% back on Ebates, free shipping for new customers

Make sure you stay out of the sun, or at least wear some SPF! Gotta protect yourself, kids!


Cute Leaf Shade, $29.95. 3% back on Ebates.

Sun Shelter, $17.77. When I first found this, Amazon had free shipping on it. Perhaps it will come back in stock for them soon.

You will also need some tunes for your outdoor enjoyment:


Mini speaker, $12.99

Jukebox, $24.00

Amp speaker, $10.99. Free shipping over $50, 1.5% back on Ebates


And if you're feeling a little wine-y:


Wine carrier with cheese set, $22.37, 3% back on Ebates, free shipping for newbies


 Portable wine table, $19.99. 1% back on Ebates, try code 239663 for 20% off, or use a coupon in store.

All Amazon items come with free shipping with orders over $25 and I apologize if any of the prices are off - they change them often!

Top image photo source: wreckandsalvage

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