Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trendy Mommy Tuesdays vol. 8

Inspiration: Katherine Heigl

Pictures thanks to JustJared

I LOVE KATHERIN HEIGL! There, I said it, well, actually I shouted it. I have been a fan of Heigl since her Disney Days in Wish Upon A Star (we won't talk about My Father the Hero). At that time, I was 10 and I thought she was the most gorgeous person I had ever seen. I always wondered why she was never in anything else (that was mainstream anyways) and then lo and behold Grey's Anatomy debuted and there she was, and I have loyally stalked her ever since! I think she is so fun and cute, I just wanna squeeze her Elmyra Duff style!

Anyhow, besides her being a hilarious actress in some of my favorite movies, she is always put together and well dressed everywhere she goes. This past Mothers Day weekend was no exception, and now that she is a mother of two adopted children (Go Heigl!), I get to rant and rave about her her on Trendy Mommy Tuesdays!

Shirt: YesToStyle $25.20
Pants: Levi's from Macy's $42
Shoes: Seychelle's from 6pm $50
Glasses: Charlotte Russe $5.50
Belt: NY&Co. $9.95

Shirt: Olivialicious from BTY $62 (pricey but soo cute!)
Pants: Style&Co. from Macy's $25
Shoes: ALDO from 6pm $40
Glasses: JLo from Kohl's $25
Belt: Kohl's $15.60

Thanks for checking out another edition of Trendy Mommy Tuesdays, and as always, if you want me to cover a specific fabulous celebrity mom or if you have any questions/comments on the looks I put together this week, let me know via FB, Twitter, or leave a comment below! Thanks for stopping by, and until next week, keep on Whoreding!

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