Friday, May 4, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Party In Your Pants

I can't believe it took me so long to make a Cheap Thrills in your pants post, I must be slipping in my old age. Pants are my most dreaded clothing item, I have yet to ever wear a pair and feel comfortable in them. I'm not talking about jeans, trousers and jeans are two totally different animals, jeans require their own kind of scientific fit and shopping techniques. I'm talkin' about pantalones, the dressy kind you'd wear to work and the casual ones you'd wear to a picnic if you didn't feel like shaving your legs.

So instead of immediately clicking on the "Dresses" tab of my favorite online shopping destinations, I ventured into new bottom territory. Camel toes are not welcome at this party...

I tried to find something in a variety of styles and sizes, and I kept the prices at about $50 and under. My biggest issue with pants is the fit of my rear - it seems to be the main issue for most ladies. It's been my experience that you should put blinders on when looking at the size. Don't get bogged down with trying to fit into a certain size, buy what fits the trouble zone and tailor the rest if possible. That philosophy should apply to all clothing, but it's especially important with pants.

Straight Leg: 

Unlike a lot of fashion terms that might sound like a foreign language, pant styles are pretty simple to understand. Straight leg is just that, the leg of the pants go straight up and down from the waist to the hem. It's what I'd call the most classic style, as you can see from the photo above. That particular pair is from Banana Republic, and is on sale for $49.99 (over 50% off!). This pair, in tan or indigo, is available at Nordstrom for $39.99, and is also available in petite (tan only). Kohl's has these Daisy Fuentes straight leg trousers in four colors for $26.99. For a more casual straight leg option, Top Shop has these pink Classic Chinos for $56, there are also other fun colors available to brighten up your bottom half.

Boot Cut: 

The modern cousin of the Bell Bottoms from the 60s and 70s, Boot Cut pants are straight through about the knee, and flare out slightly at the cuff. The pair pictured here is from Simply Be for $42, in three colors, sizes 10 - 32 (free shipping!). Dorothy Perkins has a pair in black, with minimal flare for $28. Top Shop has a nice Double Tab pair in black for $50. Kohl's has a crazy deal on these Croft and Barrow Twill trousers, $18.99 in limited sizes. UrbanOG's Simplicity Pants are available in four different colors (black, khaki, olive and red) for $17.80. And for some pinstriped goodness, the Gap has these Modern boot cut pinstripe pants on sale for $44.99 (sizes are selling out fast!).

Wide Leg: 

Wide leg pants (surprise!) flare out from the thigh, all the way to the hem, it's much more dramatic than the boot cut style. This cut is a bit more fashion forward, and makes for a great formal look. Just be careful with proportions, balance the wide leg out with a more fitted top to avoid looking like you're drowning in a frumpy fabric tidal wave. The pair in the picture is from The Gap, and is on clearance for $29.99 (available in petite, regular and tall). For my plus size ladies, Simply Be has these wide leg pants available in four colors, for $42. Ann Taylor has extremely limited sizes available in these Tall Signature Royal wide leg trousers, on final clearance for $49.88 (on exchanges/returns). When you think wide leg, think sailor pants! Just like these nautical inspired pair from Dorothy Perkins, $35 in sizes 2 - 18. Top Shop has this cool pair, putty colored with a black stripe down the leg, on sale for $55 (sizes are selling out FAST), and The Avenue has a pair for $34.99 in sizes 14 - 26.

Slim Fit: 

On the opposite side of the pants spectrum is Slim Cut (or Skinny), which is similar to the straight leg, but cut much closer to the leg and tapering through the hem. The skinny jean craze is still upon us, and if done correctly, anyone can wear it. Ladies, if I can pull off skinnies, you can too! The trick is finding the right size, which may mean going up a size or two to avoid: a) looking like your pants are trying to strangle you, and b) the dreaded camel toe. The pair shown above is from Dorothy Perkins, and is available in short, regular and tall for $28. They also have them in white, if you dare. The white pair is $44 and is turned up at the cuff, these are actually pretty adorable for summer, just watch out for BBQ sauce splatter! Think back to our Mad Men Cheap Thrills from March, I featured a pair of pink metallic cigarette pants our own little Heather secretly flipped for... well guess what? They're on sale!

You don't have to be skinny or slim to work this style, Simply Be has a pair for $49 in sizes 10 - 28. Torrid has these Little Red Skinny Pants for $44.50, and I'm going to buy them. They've also got a similar pair in black by Tripp NYC for $48. The Avenue has some in black or navy for $34.99, as well as these Crinkle textured pants, also $34.99.

How's that for a party in your pants? I hope you had as much fun as I did, see you next time my lovelies! Don't be afraid to strut your stuff in trousers, I'll be brave right along with you. When you're done partying, why not leave us a comment or check out our Pinterest boards for laughs and inspirations?

*Party Pants courtesy of We Love Pants
**Spongebob pic courtesy of Nickelodeon

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  1. The dreaded pants!! The only thing harder for me to find for my body than jeans are pants. So scary. I really need a new pair of skinny black ones though, maybe I will brave them soon. You have given me a little bit of strength. No promises, though!