Friday, September 23, 2011

Satin Scorpion Jacket

Perhaps I'm just feeling old and tired tonight and wanting a nostalgic pick-me-up, or maybe it's the leftover feelings from watching "Drive" the other day (:sigh: dreamy), but I'm craving some classic 80's movies. Let's buy some.

Here's some deals I found on Amazon (all eligible for free shipping with orders over $25) all around $6 and under - perfect for yourself and for gifts:

Diner $3.48 (popcorn in a bucket, anyone?)

The Neverending Story
combo $4.49

Princess Bride $6.49 (swoon)

Married With Children $5.07 (I love you, Katey Sagal)

The Outsiders $4.99

A bad alien movie combo $4.86

The Goonies $6.16

Lethal Weapon $4.75

Sixteen Candles $5.99

The Thing $4.99

Weird Science $5.99

Hairspray $5.49

The Witches of Eastwick

The Lost Boys $5.99

Purple Rain $4.99

Police Academy $4.99

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