Thursday, September 8, 2011

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

Ever since the perfectly overcast day when I discovered the enchanting, I have spent more than a reasonable amount of time browsing the site for garments and baubles of inspiration, brooding eye candy, and sparks of magic. No, it’s not because of the blatent Morrissey reference (although that helps). It's not Bona Drag's blog bursting with beautiful, artistic people or the impeccable track listings on their mix tapes (also awesome). It’s because I am a closet sucker for the dark, luxe and romantic designer duds that, like my first real crush on the boy who sat in front of me in 8th grade homeroom, are so close yet oh so far. Could I afford this all forgiving black lace maxi dress of my dreams? Technically, yes. Could I also pay rent and buy a MetroCard, food, and hair dye next month? The unholy verdict is NO. I admit, I splurge on special things when I can but sometimes it's just not an option and a girl needs options! I have found that with a little imagination, diligent web browsing, and the right wistful yet subtle swagger, anyone can look this elegant and edgy on any budget, even a cheap, bargain basement one like mine at the moment. The key is finding the right swaps. After awhile, it becomes like a game. An addicting, exhilarating game. So, fear not my broke, fair maidens! Behold:

The essential black maxi. Eat a turkey leg or a tub of frosting and still feel like a million bucks in the comforting abyss that is black fabric - all while still showing a little leg.
Left: Imitation on Bona Drag, $292 Right: LuLu*s, $25

The sexy, fitted little black dress with exposed back.
 Left: With Hearts in My Eyes on Bona Drag, $170 Right: 15 Dollar Store,$15

Even if you're a vegetarian who collects Precious Moments figurines, 
nothing is tougher than a simple talon necklace. 
Left: Pamela Love, $250 Right: Girl Props, $9.99

A mystical inspired prism necklace that goes with everything.
Left: Little Doe on Bona Drag, $300 Right: Forever 21, $6.80

A dramatic gold cage bib necklace for the bold.
Left: Bliss Lau on Bona Drag, $538 Right: Forever 21, $5.80

Dagger jewelry. Enough said.
 Left: Pamela Love on Bona Drag, $207 Right: Girl Props, $24.99

Black floral platform wedges, because why not?
Left: Jeffrey Campbell on Bona Drag, $130 Right:, $41.30

Total money saved: $1,758.12. That's like 87 Smiths albums, 350 sets of Christmas lights for year-round decor, or 220 bottles of cheap red wine. So, throw The Queen is Dead on the turntable, pour yourself a glass, and celebrate your divine thriftiness!

[Posted by Rita]

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