Wednesday, September 7, 2011

House Party ! (And no, not the one with Kid 'n Play)

տուն կուսակցություն, nyumba chama, and casa fiesta all mean the same thing. And unless you speak Armenian, Swahili, or Spanglish you won’t have any idea what I am talking about. Two words (in English this time): House Party. Who doesn’t like house parties? Well, I guess whoever has to hose off the barf and wake up the drunk girls passed out on the front lawn wouldn’t like them very much, but those aren’t the type of house parties that I’m talking about.

Houseparty is an awesome website which gives you access to well known companies and their products. There are only two steps you need to follow. First, sign up and create a profile at; second, apply for a party. You can also better your chance of winning a host spot for a party by being involved in their forums and active on their facebook and twitter accounts. If or when you get approved for a House Party™, you will be the proud recipient of free stuff from whatever company approved you as a host. House Party™ will ship you enough supplies, coupons and other goodies for the number of guests you invited. All you have to do is select a date, invite people, and throw a bomb ass party. After the party, they prefer if you and all of your guests give feedback regarding the party and products.

I know this website is legit and that their products are so awesome because I’ve won a few parties including a Dirty Durex® Girl Talk House Party™ and a DIGIORNO® Pizza & Hoops House Party™. They were amaze-balls. I got literal boxes of free stuff and party favors. Each box was probably valued at about $100. My fellow Whore(der)s have hosted other House Parties including the Hamilton Beach® Brewstation House Party™, Ball® canning House Party™, and Veev® House Party™.

It can take some time to find out whether or not you've gotten approved for a party, but once you get that e-mail that says "You have been chosen to host a House Party, click her to accept your host position before all slots are filled", CLICK ON IT! If you Hmm and Haw over it, you will lose your spot and all chances at awesome free stuff. We Whore(der)s are guilty of missing House Party opportunities because we did not stay on top of our e-mails. So check your e-mails every day, and don't forget to invite us!

Picture courtesy of Pink of Perfection

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