Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'd Tap That!

Crowdtap is a company based out of New York who's mission is to " Shift marketing to a fully collaborative and participatory process between brands and consumers." Essentially, they are a survey and opinion site. I was hesitant about it at first because I have signed up for tons of survey sites that promise rewards. I usually do surveys for about a week before I lose interest in the host site because I have only reaped a whopping $0.35 in rewards. Crowdtap promises to give you opportunities to discuss real topics and give your honest opinions. In exchange, you will move up their totem pole of awesomeness and have a chance at winning money for you, money for the charity of your choice, and chances to get free products from cool companies like Old Navy, Bing, pinkberry, and more! All you have to id follow these simple steps.

Crowdtap works on a star and point system. Every day when you log in to Crowdtap you automatically get 10 points. When you are invited to a discussion about certain topics, jump on it! You get 200 points for your opinion and fifteen points if you comment on another persons opinion. The more active you are in the site and discussions, the better chance you have at winning money for you and the charity of your choice. The more detailed your answers, comments, and opinions are, the better chance that your opinion will get "starred" which means a better chance at more money and offers. Don't be lame and give crappy answers and fake opinions because the site is monitored by their staff. They will know if you are being lazy or insincere and your rating will go down. Yes, you have a rating, and at times it can make you feel like a cheap whore. If you don't like that feeling, keep it honest; if you do like that feeling see a psychiatrist.

I have been a Crowtap member for about 4 months and I have $32 sitting in my Crowdtap account. Of that amount, you must donate 5% min, (up to 100%) to a charity of your choice. And to top it off, Crowdtap matches what you donate! Who does that ?! Also, as you move up in levels you get better rewards. For example I am currently at level five and for every $10 I earn, I get a bonus of 5% added for nothing! Cha-ching!

Now I hope I have convinced you to sign up, but if you are still unsure about Crowdtap, you can get more information from their blog. You can also find them on popular social media sites such as Facebook  and Twitter.  Go forth and Tap that.

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