Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stud Muffin

So what's this "Stud Embellishment" trend all about? You can see it on celebs, goths, emo kids, and hipsters alike. Studs, like any embellishment, add that extra "Oomph", or "Pizazz" to your outfit *insert Jazz hands here*. Studs have been around forever and they are trendy as a MoFo right now. Here are some Cheap and Chic options if you don't want to go the route of bad 80's.

Available at theOutnet on sale for $129.50

Available at Endless for $23.58

 Available at Endless for $34.98

Available at Kohl's on sale for $111.30

Available at Boston Proper on sale for $59.99

Another good place to look for punky, unique items is on Etsy. You may not always find cheap on Etsy, but it will always be unique.If you want something One of a Kind (and even studded), you can check out my treasury on Etsy. Another idea for One of a Kind studded accessories or apparel, is to make your own. It is usually cheaper this way, and no one else will have exactly what you have.

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