Friday, November 11, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Bag Ladies

I was born a bag lady, my parents tell me my favorite game as a wee Vanessa was to have my dad dangle me upside down while I screamed, "LET ME GET MY PURSE!" in Spanish. Yes, I suffered a head injury as a child, but I'm pretty sure my obsession with bags, purses, totes, satchels, etc., would have come out eventually anyway. So as we prepare to greet Santa and his bulging sack of goodies, let's find ourselves some lovely bags of our own, shall we?

Tartan Mix Handheld Bag - $26.96 (was $53.91) ASOS
I love a good tartan bag for fall and winter, it encourages my boarding school fantasy where I pretend I'm a young witch on her way to Hogwarts. What better place for your wands and potions? This beauty here is available at ASOS, where shipping is always free and returns are zero hassle.

Max C London Leopard Oversize Clutch Bag - $34.14 (was $80.86) ASOS
My love affair with ASOS continues with this blue leopard bag, too small for my day to day needs, but perfect for a night out. It's a clutch, but as you can see it's large enough to carry more than the usual clutch can, and it has a removable strap. As mentioned before, ASOS has free shipping on every purchase and returns are easy as 1-2-3.

Elle Patent Pleated Bow Framed Satchel - $59.40 (was $99) Kohl's
I have a hard time believing that this was ever actually $99, but I'll let Kohl's off the hook since it's such a cute bag. Red is one of the only ways I'll do patent leather, and this one doesn't appear to be too shiny. Plus, if you use the discount code KOHLS1981, you'll get an extra 15% off the price! Yay!

Remy by Melie Bianco - $58.99 (was $99) Piperlime
I'm really digging this slouchy olive bag by Melie Bianco, which is also available in tan. Piperlime is offering free shipping and returns on all orders, so I might just have to nab this one while I can. In addition to their regular sale section, Piperlime is now featuring their Girl on A Budget section, with separate categories for clothing, boots, jewelery and bags. Making bargains easier to find, you go Piperlime!

Virgin of Guadalupe Mexican Mesh Market Bag - $10 Jiggy Kids
Bags don't have to be designer to be fabulous, and this is a perfect example. Sometimes you need a casual tote to haul your things. These are perfect to use as reusable grocery bags, for crafts, carrying books around (I'm always reading at least 3 at the same time) or just a good back up bag to keep in  your car for emergencies. Jiggy Kids has them for $10, but if you have a Mexican grocery store nearby, you can probably find them there for less. My Nina used to visit us once or twice a year, and she always brought a couple of these with her (filled with presents like cajeta, mexican candy and loteria game sets) and she could never understand my fascination with the bags. I was just ahead of the trend! 

Until next time, my fellow Whoreders!

*Sprouse Camo Lady drawing by Bryan R. Hollingsworth

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