Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inside the Box: October

Charlotte explained Birchbox in a previous post, but for those of you who didn't read it or need a reminder, it is a service you subscribe to (for $10/month) that provides you with deluxe beauty samples. They don't send the same old box out to everyone, you fill out a beauty profile to help determine which samples you'll receive. You get about 4 samples plus a bonus item, and the bonuses can be non-beauty related. In the past few months I've gotten: a handmade note card, a friendship bracelet, and a fancy elastic hair tie. Once you get your goodies, you can try them out and buy the full size versions from Birchbox - they've got deals for discounts or free shipping on some products. You can also earn points to cash in for rewards later. Woo! Discounts and rewards, those are two of our favorite words!Oh, and everything comes wrapped in this gorgeous burgundy colored tissue paper. Since I'm a huge sucker for packaging, I think it's a fabulous touch!

Charlotte and I (Vanessa) are both subscribed to Birchbox, and we decided to review our boxes each month and share it with you. Let's get started...  

Vanessa's October Birchbox
blinc - Mascara
I've actually used this kind of mascara before, but back in the day it was known as Kiss Me brand. It's pretty cool, and you should know I take my lashes and mascara verrrry seriously. Instead of regular mascara formulas that just paint your lashes, blinc mascara forms tubes around them. Once it's applied, it's not only water-resistant, but the tubes bind to your lashes and won't smudge or flake! It actually requires a little elbow grease to remove the mascara tubes - you use lots of warm water and your finger (or a washcloth) to gently apply pressure and slide them off. It'll look like your eyelashes are coming off, but do not panic, it's just the little tubes slipping off. Your lashes stay right where they are, safe and sound! The only thing I don't like about blinc is that it doesn't curl lashes. My lashes are so stick straight, even after using a lash curler, they'll slowly lose the oomph without a little help from a curling formula mascara. But if you're blessed with naturally curly lashes, and need a mascara that is basically hurricane-proof, try blinc!

Caudalie - Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream
I was excited to see this in my Birchbox, since I'm already a fan of Caudalie's Instant Foaming Cleanser. Just as I feared, this stuff is pretty awesome! The full size tube is a little pricey,  about $68. I only recently started using night creams regularly, and this one is the best one I've seen. It goes on super silky and smooth, not heavy or greasy in the slightest. I noticed my skin was (pardon the beauty ad cliche) radiant the next day. Confession time... since I've been using it, I haven't been wearing makeup to work. True, I don't wear much makeup anyway, but I'm talking about walking around bare-faced (except for moisturizer) and not cringing when I look in the mirror.

Korres - Guava Body Butter
Due to the fact that I detest the smell of guavas, I was really hesitant to try this. But I'll do anything for you guys (almost), so I reluctantly put a little dollop in my palm. It wasn't that bad! It smelled fruity, but not exactly like guava. I can't find a  better way to describe it except to say it smelled like the inside of Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's very rich, and was a wee bit too greasy for my liking. Although it would probably be fabulous on really dry feet!

Stila - Eyeshadow (Shell)
Despite being a fan of Stila, I realized I've never tried their eyeshadow before. The one in my Birchbox was called Shell, and it's a subtle rosy color with some shimmer. It went on smoothly, and was a really nice neutral color. So nice in fact, that my mom snagged it! Stila shadows can be work wet or dry, I went with dry since my eyelids tend to get a little oily and I get self-conscious if my shadow isn't perfectly matte.

The Laundress - Delicate Wash
This was my October bonus item, and I love it! I've used delicate washes before, my favorite was the now retired Tocca Touch (R.I.P.) scent. The Laundress smells great, and is really concentrated, so my sample will actually stretch quite a bit. I love hand-washing my bras with these kinds of special detergents, they leave everything smelling so fancy and are gentle on the garments. My Target bras were surprised at their deluxe spa treatment, and I was delighted with the results. I do believe I'll be ordering a full size bottle of The Laundress.

My favorites in this month's Birchbox: Caudalie's Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream and The Laundress

There was no loser, but if I had to pick a least favorite it would be the Korres body butter. The scent was so-so, and it was a little too greasy for my liking.

Unfortunately, just as we were getting this post together Charlotte found herself battling some entertaining (to us), but unpleasant under the weather business. She won't be taking part in this Birchbox review, but she'll be on board for next month. Whatta tease!

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  1. yay! the presentation and concept seems similar to Sephora but I often feel like I should get better samples of things considering what I spend there. The $10 a month seems well worth it!