Friday, November 18, 2011

Cheap Thrills: She Blinded Me With Science

SCIENCE! We love it, right? Well, I know I love yelling out the word when I'm trying to justify doing something slightly ridiculous. But science is our friend, even when it comes to shopping. For this week's installment of Cheap Thrills, I decided to focus on goodies with high tech materials or construction. So everyone, please, get your lab coats on and make sure your goggles are strapped on tight....

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish - $16 Sephora
I read about this magnetic polish a couple of months ago, but I only recently saw it for myself at my local Sephora. It looks pretty cool, and it means you can do special effect nails with a single polish, instead of having to pull out two or three different bottles. There are three colors (chrome, purple and teal), and each comes with the magnetic polish and the magnet you'll need to make your designs. It's pricier than regular polish, so pop by your nearest Sephora and play around with it before committing to a bottle. If you do order online, remember to use Ebates to earn 8% back on your purchases!

Pencil Skirt with Laser Cut Detail - $57.50 (was $71.88) ASOS
I feel a little bit like Dr. Evil because I'm so taken with the "laser" aspect of this skirt. But I love a good pencil skirt, and the laser cuts on this keeps it from being another boring piece for your office wardrobe. ASOS is my favorite online shop, and they're having a big 20% off everything sale for the next 48 hours. PLUS, you'll get an extra 10% off using the code BONUSTEN at checkout. And lets not forget, ASOS offers free shipping and returns on all orders!

SLAP Watch - $19.95 to $24.95 Slap Watch
Remember those slap bracelets from junior high? Slap Watches take the same idea and mix it with a silicone watch band to bring us cute and colorful new accessories. They've got a variety of colors and styles to chose from, they come in adult and junior size for kids. The individual watches range in price from $19.95 to $24.95, there are also sets with extra bands that start at $39.95. Of course I want the gaudiest one available, blinged out zebra print... and I don't even wear watches.

Sparkle LED Fiber Optic Hair Barrette - $.99 Amazon
Who among us hasn't, at some point, wanted a little sparkle in their lives? I looked up a bunch of these fiber optic hair barrettes and found the best deal at Amazon, only 99 cents! So if you're trying trying to hit the $25 mark for free shipping on some Christmas presents and are a couple of dollars short, add a couple of these into your cart! Light up the holidays or put them on your kids to easily identify them during blackouts, technology is awesome!

Built NY Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote - $19.99 Vitamin Shop
A great way to save big bucks is to take your lunch to work, but brown bagging it can get sort of ho-hum. These super cute neoprene lunch totes are perfect for avoiding the sack lunch doldrums, and will keep your food fresh and at the right temperature. A quick search showed me that this larger size is priced at about $25 at most places, but Vitamin Shoppe's online store has them available for $19.99. They also offer free shipping for orders over $25, so why not ask a work buddy if they want to share an order with you so you can both enjoy saving money on lunches and free shipping!

So there you go, my little Whoreders, SCIENCE!

Scientific Cat courtesy of Icanhascheezburger (of course)

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