Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get Nailed: *Special Edition* Movember

This week, I did a fun and easy pattern for my nails. I used Essie Mod Squad polish for the base, which I got for $2.99 on clearance at Ulta and have been dying to try! I used my Milani Black Magic polish (and a toothpick) to create the black polka dots and my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black to draw mustaches on my middle fingers. Mix it up any way you want, and make it you're own! 
My nails are clearly a nod to Movember, the month previously known as November. Movember is the National month of Mustaches, and it gives Hipsters a chance to be more than a waste of space on this earth, they can actually do good with their trendy, pre pubescent, sparse 'staches. 

How does Movember work and why do we care? Well, if you are a guy (or an unfortunate girl), you register here and follow the simple instructions of starting clean shaven on November 1 and growing and grooming a Mo through November 31. If you are a MoHo (a girl who can't grow a mustache), then you can join by organizing parties and collecting donations. Make sure you have each of your do-gooder donaters fill out the donation form. You can donate by sponsoring a MoGrower or MoHo, or by purchasing items like these that give back to the Movember cause. Who doesn't love a good mustache trinket? "Funds raised through the Movember US campaign go to Movember which is a national, not for profit organization.The net funds are committed to programs supporting prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives run by Movember and through our men’s health partners the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG."

So there you have it, whoever knew growing a mustache would become so mainstream and important?? This guy did...

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