Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For the Borracho In your Life

Here you go,
Priced high to low
For all you drunks
And your Borracho 

Dive right into your next bottle of wine with this fun Bottle Stopper ($6.50)

Stave off the attacks of the sloppy drunk girl by making her use these beer caps ($6.99).

Crystal Skull of Doom shot glass ($9.95). This sucker is sold out everywhere, must be the new "IT" present this year...for us lushes anyway.

Now you can drunkenly and honestly answer "Yes, that is juice in my cup".

Ever wake up the day after drinking and wonder "OMG I'm dying, did I really drink that much? Yes  
                           you did, and with this beer tracker ($10), now there's proof.

Muscle Man Corkscrew ($12.99) Who doesn't like a bottle of wine and a good screw?
(OMG, I can't believe I just said that)

Nothing is more fun than drinking liquor from The Little Whizzer ($14.95).
Make sure to keep all red liquor out of this one or you may be scarred for life  

Glow in the Dark Pong Kit ($18.99). Ugly girls and Beer Pong are better in the dark.

Here we have the Boob Luge ($19.98).
Yes something like this exists, and yes it awesomely disgusting.

This is the only Banana ($24) that I want in my mouth this Christmas!

Bongzilla ($49.99) The name says it all. 


Picture thanks to Mr. Sellars

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