Friday, January 6, 2012

Steal vs. Splurge: Beauty Basics Edition

Here are a few of my must have beauty products, and their equally fabulous and cheaper alternatives.
I do not wear make-up as often as I used to or would like to, but when I do, I look dang good gurl. Some people (Heather) may argue that I have no business putting up a post about make-up and beauty as usually I am a plain faced hobo a la Lindsay Lohan status.


Steal: This one is hard as everyone's skin is so different. I typically use anything that is on sale, something I win, or one that is recommended to me. Vanessa swears by Philosophy's Hope In a Jar 2 oz. ($40), and Heather is a repeat buyer of Garnier Skin Renew ($12) 2.5 oz.

Splurge: StriVectin Instant Moisture Repair 2oz. ($59) is a little pricey, but totally worth it. You can see and feel the difference after the first time, seriously. I won this in a blog contest and used it until the bottlemade that little fart noise when it's beyond empty.


Steal: Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black ($4) is my all time favorite mascara. I always cheat on her and try out other new mascaras, but always come running back. They also make a waterproof version that Heather will swear by, but this big girl don't cry so I don't need it. Okay, that's not true, I just hate trying to get waterproof mascara off my lashes...

Splurge: (Don't laugh) Mary Kay Lash Love ($15) is my newest mascara acquisition. It is very similar to Great Lash but better. I like the thinness and preciseness of the brush bristles, and the mascara itself coats the lashes really well. Me likey.


Steal: Milani Brow Fix It Kit ($6) is ahh-mazing! I have naturally thin brows that just look so much better filled in. This kit has two brow colors and a highlight shade for under the brow. I like to pair it with Maybelline Clear Mascara for that extra oomph and precision.

Splurge: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo ($22) and Anastasia Brow Definer ($22) and if you want to get even fancier and broke-er, they also have cool, reusable eyebrow stencils ($20).

Universally Flattering Blush:

Steal: Physicians Formula ($8-$12). I love all of these blushes, especially their Happy Booster Blush ($12). They also make amazing bronzers and often label select products with a "try me free" tag. If you buy a product with this tag, and send in the proper rebate form, they will send you a refund check!

Splurge: Nars Blush ($27) in Orgasm or my personal fave Super Orgasm. For whatever reason, this shade is flattering on all skin tones. Orgasm was named "Top 25 Beauty Hall of Fame” 2010 Elle; "Best Blush for Light Skin” 2010 & 2011 InStyle "Best Beauty Buys”; "Best Blush for Fair Skin” 2011 InStyle"Best Beauty Buys”; and Super Orgasm was named "Best Blush for Olive Skin” 2011 InStyle "Best Beauty Buys”; Super Orgasm named "Best Blush for Olive Skin” 2011 InStyle "Best Beauty Buys”.

The Perfect Red Lipstick:

Steal: Covergirl Lip Perfection in Hot ($7) plus Covergirl Lipliner in Passion ($6) is a perfect duo on the cheap. You have how.long.I'! I would rather have the PRL over a LBD any day, probably because I don't wear dresses but still...

Splurge: Bésame Lipstick ($22) in Bésame Red, Red Hot Red, or Red Velvet plus their dual sided lip liner in Cerise and Red ($18). There no words to explain how beautiful these reds are on everyone. They are timeless, classic, and chic.

Pearly Whites:

Steal: If brushing and flossing just isn't cutting it (Lindsay Lohan), bust out my fave, Crest 3D Advanced White Strips ($40). Plus if you go here, and sign up for an account you can request a free sample which will include a $10 coupon! Sometimes, Target will offer their own $10 coupon which will result in a killer deal if you combine both coupons. Rita and Heather are so in love with these strips that they literally have used them until their teeth were so white, they were blue...yes, I said blue.

Splurge: This is a no brainer, if your teeth are just nasty (no offense), then Zoom Whitening ($400) is for you. And if all else fails, get yo-self a grill.

Go forth my pretties and spend wisely!
Keith Richards pic from, Tammy Faye pic from MagicLash, Whoopi pic from Corpitv, Lindsay Lohan/Rocky Horror pic from Bekkiboom, Lipstick pic from FocusOnStyle, Lohan Teef pic from OMDoubleG, Blue Teef pic from FreakingNews

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