Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get Nailed: Baby You're a Firework !

I've been thinking and thinking....and thinking about what the heck to do for "New Years" Nails. Now that it is far passed New Years, it came to me lol. Firework nails! I googled and Pinterested ( Yes, I made that word up, and no it will not catch on like "Googled") the crap out of firework nails, new years nails, explosion nails etc. I kept coming across this picture but I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere.

I finally found the original picture at nailside (which has tons of awesome nail designs by the way), and you can find her instructions here. I'm glad I started on my own because I was a little confused by her instructions anyways, but that's just me. However, I also didn't find the tutorial until I started my own version lol.

I say mine came out pretty dang good as seeing it was my first time trying these, and I didn't have the instructions to begin with. I tried to cut a zig-zag pattern out of scotch tape that would fit on my nail but it really is much easier to cut small triangles out of scotch tape like nailside suggests. I used Milani One Coat Glitter in "Purple Gleam" (which is really "two coat glitter") and O.P.I "I Get A Kick Out Of Gold" for a Any way that you do it, I'm sure it will come out fun and good looking (much like myself). Well Whore(der)s, I'm off to slowly attempt to paint my left hand now. Good thing fireworks are erratically shaped.

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