Friday, January 13, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Will You Be My Valentine?

Love it or love to hate it, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Whether you're looking to woo your crush, win back your ex, or just treat your bad self to something sweet, I'm gonna do my best to hook you up with some romantic Cheap Thrills.

I've really tried to cover both ladies and gents, especially since the men in our lives sometimes get the short end of the Valentine stick. The stand-by gift of flowers and candy is nice, don't get me wrong, but I want to explore some other options. Think outside the box of chocolates, my loves!

Drexelius Chocolates
If you know your valentine has a sweet, chocolaty tooth, you can do better than a plain old box of chocolates. Drexelius Chocolates has a fantastic selection of high quality chocolates from a variety of sources. If you feel a little overwhelmed, they have a handy search tool that lets you sort by flavors, percentage of cocoa or type of treat. I love the selections from Nunu Chocolates, the newest treat is the Bacon Toffee Bar. I'll give you a second to process that... yes, you read that correctly. BACON. TOFFEE. BAR. And yes, it's amazing. Drexelius Chocolates hand picks the products they carry, taking not just flavor, but the quality of the ingredients into account. They supports microbatch chocolate makers you may not be able to find in stores, you can read more about their philosophy here. Also, free shipping on all orders over $25, no coupon codes required!

Francophile Dinner Plate, Eiffel Tower  - $24 Anthropologie
I promised my friend Marie I'd try to find nice heart design plates for this week's post, and it's not that easy! There are tons of plastic or resin heart shaped plates and bowls: like these from Target, these bowls from Crate & Barrel or these dessert dishes from Pottery Barn. This Francophile dinner plate from Anthropologie is closer to what I was thinking. If your sweetheart is a foodie or just likes cute plates (like me), serve them a croque monsieur and a chilled Orangina, you will surely be rewarded with a little oh-la-la!

Language of the Heart Poster - $14.99 - $24.99 All Posters
This reprint of a vintage postcard and I love it! It's available in three different sizes, and can be framed for an extra cost, or you can find a lovely vintage frame and make it extra special.

Give a little to charity while you share some love with your sweetie pie with these carved stones. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Hand/Eye Fund’s Artisan Grants Program for Haiti, an organization that aids artisans affected by the earthquake. This also happens to qualify for free shipping if you order online! 

Kalorik Heart Shaped Waffle Maker - $18.88 (was $29.95)
Make your loved one a customized breakfast in bed with this heart shaped waffle maker available at a discount from Amazon. A little fresh fruit, a golden heart shaped waffle and you... what more could your love muffin want?

Skull & Bones Metal Service Tray - $18 Plasticland 
What better to serve your breakfast on than this delightfully spooky skull & bones tray? Plasticland has tons of fun, quirky products and offers $7.95 flat-rate shipping. Stock up!

Bad Husband Cutting Board - $19 Plasticland 
Is your hubby in the habit of forgetting Valentine's Day? Perhaps it might be a good idea to pick this up for him so he'll be a little more vigilant in years to come. Creepy and useful, that's one of my favorite combinations.

8 Heart Shaped Mirrors - $3.99 Buy
What's better than a heart shaped mirror? Eight heart shaped mirrors for $3.99! Get a little creative and customize each one with a photo of something (or someone) your sweetheart loves. Also a cute idea if you want to give your friends or co-workers a little Valentine's Day treat.

Whoopie Pie Heart Pan - $12.95 Crate & Barrel 
Whoopie pies are yummy and cute, if you wanna get a little crafty in the kitchen try making some of these hunks of burning love this Valentine's Day. You can nibble on your creations while watching a romantic movie, I suggest Midnight In Paris!

Francis Coppola Sofia Rose '10  (750ml) - $15.99 BevMo
You didn't think I'd let Valentine's Day Cheap Thrills go by without some booze, did you? You know me better than that! I really like Sofia Rose, and because it's pink, I think it's a great pick for Valentine's. If you're planning a romantic picnic, try Sofia Blanc de Blanc 4-pack, it's perfect for a little love fest on the go! It even comes with little straws to let you sip right from the can, keep it classy!

That's it for this week, kids! I'll have more Valentine's Day goodies for you next time, I'll be turning the heat up and the lights down low for some sexy time Cheap Thrills. Until then, start working on those romance mix tapes you're making for me. I expect to see you outside my window, Lloyd Dobler style, don't disappoint me!


  1. Yes please to all of these. I especially like the cutting board.

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  3. Love these! I really like that cutting board! Its awesome!

  4. I thought of both of you when I found it, you creepy little cholas.