Friday, January 6, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Let's Go To Bed

The holidays are behind us, and if you're like me, you'll want to recover by curling up in bed until spring. I'm sort of crazy about my bed (okay, I'm sort of crazy, period), it's a space I like to keep private. I want it to be cute and extra comfy, and embrace me at the end of the day, telling me everything is going to be okay and that my hair looks really pretty. I don't like letting anyone hang out in my bedroom or in my bed because it's my sanctuary, and I fear strangers will steal the mojo from it.

Before this becomes a therapy session, let's get to the Cheap Thrills for this week. It's all about bedding and making the place where the magic happens even more magical. Let's curl up (just not in my bed) and see what I came up with...

Hotel Grand Over-sized 400 Thread Count Duvet - $69.99 (was $173)
The absolute cherry on top of a bed sundae is a down comforter, nothing feels more comfy and luxurious. Overstock has this down alternative for under $70 in twin or full/queen size. They've also got tons of others under $100, in all sizes and thread counts. Personally, I prefer the down alternative to real down - my allergies will never be down with down.

Woodland Organic Duvet Cover & Sham - $59 - $99 (was $79 - $129) Pottery Barn
Duvet covers are a great way to change up your bedding without shelling out big bucks. You just slip an existing duvet or comforter inside it, and presto, a brand new look for your den of sin! My normally Goth tendencies fly out the window with bedding, you will be shocked to learn that I don't own a single black sheet, pillow case or comforter. I know, shocking, right? I don't normally go for floral prints, but this one is a little cartoony and kind of cute. There's also a matching Woodland Organic Sheet Set available!

Circles Quilt in Full/Queen - $149.97 (was $300) Macy's
This is a modern take on the old school quilt style, just a nod to the crafty homemade style. Macy's has this in its closeout sale section, 50% off the original price of $300, plus free shipping for all orders over $99. Compare this sale price to Bed Bath & Beyond, where it's $179.99 (thanks, Charlotte!) - $30 savings (plus shipping costs) at Macy's. Woo!

Style & Co. Trellis Comforter/Duvet Set - $87.97 - $115.97 (was $220 - $290) Macy's
Another Macy's closeout sale, this one is for a stencil floral print that comes in either a duvet or comforter set - in sizes Twin to King. The set comes with either a comforter or duvet and two standard sized shams (the King set comes with King size shams). I tried to find that really cute bird print pillow, but wasn't able to, dang! The customer reviews are all positive, everyone really seems to love the print.

Ampersand 500 Thread Count Sheet Set - $59.99 (All Sizes) Bed, Bath & Beyond
I'm a bit of a thread count snob, sue me. I know opinions vary on this, and that's cool, but this girl will never go back to the 180s. I only wish they made my old New Kids on the Block sheets in 300 thread count or higher. These babies are 500 thread count, available in 10 different colors and are only $59.99 for all sizes! They're available in Full, Queen, King and California King (suck it, Twin!). Bed, Bath & Beyond has free shipping available on some items, but these sheets don't appear to qualify.

Eivor Leva Duvet Cover & Pillowcases - $39.99 - $59.99 Ikea
Even though I'm technically a grown-up, and no longer a college student, I still love Ikea. Yes, some of their cheaper items might not be heirloom material, but you can still find lots of good deals on nice items! Case in point, this duvet set (with duvet cover and 2 pillowcases) is a great basic bedding set. This folky print makes for a lovely splash of color, and less than $60! These sets are perfect for people who love to switch their room decor around frequently, or for teens. At these prices, your kids can keep up with any trend or whim that catches their fancy.

Tvablad Rund Duvet Cover & Pillowcases - $29.99 - $49.99 Ikea
I have no idea how that name is pronounced, but I do know that it's cool looking. This circle print works for either a boy's or girl's room, and might even work to hypnotize you, like this scene with John Waters in Hairspray (the original, not the nightmare John Travolta remake). Ikea has something for every budget, even if you're limited to $20 or less!

Until next time, make your bedroom your sanctuary without going broke. It's worth spending a little money on your own personal oasis, but leave some cash left over for groceries and bail money. Pleasant dreams...

Princess and the Pea photo by Eugenio Recuenco


  1. I want John Waters in my bed. Find a way, Vanesssaaa

  2. Dearest Vanasty,
    They have an awesome bird pillow at BBB in store only on clearance. It is in the quilt section. Go forth and buy it!


  3. Also, I really like some of the quilts at Urban Outfitters...juss sayin....

  4. Dear Heather, your best bet is to dress up like a pencil mustache.

    Dear CharChar,
    I'm over it. J/K I might have to get it, I just hope Oliver doesn't destroy/hump it.

  5. I like some of the UA quilts too, but I wasn't feeling any ~*wow*~ factor with any of the ones on sale.

  6. Overstock is great, that's where I bought my mattress and comforter. It's time to buy a new comforter, though. Too many vomit parties and hungry washing machines.