Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Nailed: The Tell-Tale Heart

Hello my pretties, this week's nails are inspired yet again by Valentines Day, but with a twist. My husband is a nurse (yeah, big whoop, wanna fight about it?) so this weeks nails are a nod to him as well.

1.) As always, prep nails by removing all polish, file down nails, and apply your base coat.

2.)Next pick a base color. I used an Urban Outfitters Polish in purple (even though it looks blue in the pic's) Let dry completely.

3.) Take a nail art brush, I used Milani Nail Art in White Canvas to make the EKG lines across my nails. The great thing about this is they don't have to be perfect, and there is no set pattern, so have fun with it!

4.) I chose my ring finger to draw my heart on because I'm corny and believe in "Vena Amoris".

For this, I used Milani Red Sparkle, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite polishes.

5.) Last but not least, I cleaned up the edges, applied my top coat, and voila!

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